11 Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary After a Betrayal

When your anniversary date comes around, it could have been just like any other. Except this year, your significant other has betrayed you.

How can you even celebrate now that everything seems lost?

It turns out there is hope, and it begins with forming trust once more.

In looking for activities for your anniversary, or even just regular dates, you need something that pulls you together.

There are so many different ways to create a healing atmosphere for your anniversary.

Try something that is scary, relaxing, or new.

All of these things will grab your significant other’s attention, and begin healing what you have lost.

Below are 11 ways to celebrate an anniversary after a betrayal.

1. Relax at a couples spa

Going to a couple’s spa is a great way to find peace in each other. When you are in the same room together, getting a massage, and relaxing, it’s impossible to argue. With the nice music and smells, you will only engage in delightful conversation. This is the perfect place to begin talking again. You don’t need to converse, but when you do, the atmosphere will be perfect for small talk. Bring up topics about things like your work, your family pet, or a movie you watched recently. The small talk is just a start, but if it happens long enough it can lead to more. Healing after a betrayal isn’t easy, but it can only happen through conversation and forgiveness.

Price: $$

2. Get some ocean views on a cruise

Take some time away from your hometown, and take a cruise to find some healing. This is the perfect chance for you to work on each other. You will have at least four days of adventure, and there is nothing like a novelty to open both of you up. Rather than talking about the past, converse about your new adventures. Laugh about the misadventures that are sure to happen. Eat dinner together every night and enjoy the good food. This is not a cure for the betrayal, but it is a chance to bring both of you back together in a new, fun way.

Price: $$$

3. Jump off a plane

Skydiving is one of those activities that is a pure thrill, but it is also the deepest fear of many individuals. Facing your fears together will bring you closer in a new way. This requires finding cooperation and trust to take this step together. Jumping out of a plane is a moment that neither of you will forget, and it will bring you closer together. When you get home after skydiving, there will be a newfound strength in your relationship. It is a way of saying that you will do anything to keep this relationship strong and that you love each other. Nothing is more powerful than an anniversary spent in the air.

Price: $$$

4. Snuggle up in the woods

Take out a tent and find a spot to yourselves in the woods. If you are not a fan of roughing it a little bit, you can always rent a romantic cabin. This is your chance to remove yourself from technology and focus on yourselves. Time for just the two of you to be together is important when you are healing, and distractions like technology can take away from this. Enjoy some alone time together on your anniversary out in the woods, where nature can heal you.

Price: $$

5. Explore an exotic location together

Consider taking an exciting adventure together. Go somewhere that neither of you has been to, or even a place that both of you have always wanted to visit. Rediscovering your relationship in a new place is the perfect way to find each other. There is nothing more romantic than sitting on the beach, drinking margaritas, and watching the sunset. Or maybe you can explore the Amazon, or hold baby sloths together. There are so many options to add an extra touch of romance on your anniversary.

Price: $$$

6. Dance at a music festival

Find your moves at a music festival. It’s hard to be mad at someone when there is good music and dancing involved. Relaxing under bright lights, drinking some beer, and listening to music is the perfect solution for your anniversary. The betrayal may have happened, but now you have an opportunity to foster forgiveness. Enjoy nights at a nice hotel together, and relax under the music. There is no better way to forgive each other than through dance.

Price: $$

7. Dress up and hit the town

Take a moment to really dress up. The woman can put on a little black dress and some makeup. The man can shave, put on a collared shirt, and comb back his hair. Getting dressed up shows that this night is going to be a special night, a night dedicated to fun. Go to a really nice restaurant, and order whatever you want. Magical nights begin with putting on a front of feeling good, and then eventually everything becomes easier. This won’t erase the betrayal, but it will be a good night, and maybe lead to a start.

Price: $$

8. Go wine tasting in the valley

Head out to one of the many famous vineyards, and go wine tasting for the day. There are so many varieties of wine, and you can spend the day being your own connoisseur. Even if you start the day with the betrayal in your mind, wine and good food will soon ease it. For lunch, pull out a blanket, and drink wine enjoying the rolling views.

Price: $$

9. Take a dance class together

Dancing is freeing. It will make you feel closer together in a new, intimate way. Learning to move together in a new way forces you to cooperate. After the betrayal, this may seem hard, but a dance class is a constructed environment that trains you to do just this. The best part is that when your anniversary comes, you can hit the town, show off your dance moves and make all the other couples jealous. If you learn to work together through dance, you will learn to do that for the rest of your life.

Price: $$

10. Find your way out of an escape room

Work together and figure a way out of an escape room. This will be a really fun night for both of you. Escape rooms require imagination and cooperation. Solving the same problem is great for creating a new bond in your relationship. So go out there and start solving puzzles to find your way out.

Price: $

11. Renew your vows

After a betrayal, the first thing that needs to happen is forgiveness. It is not always easy, but a ceremony like renewing your vows can show everyone your new trust. It is a public declaration in front of all your friends and family that you are going to try again. This isn’t a little thing – it is a declaration of your love. Nothing is better for an anniversary after a betrayal than renewing your vows.

Price: $$$

If you do any of these anniversary ideas after a betrayal, tell us how it went. We would love to hear from you. 

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