7 Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Symbols)

Gifts symbolize appreciation, celebration, joy, laughter, and, at times, tradition.

We give gifts to our loved ones on various occasions or festivals to show them how much they mean to us.

But did you know, that the gifts we give can also have their own meanings? 

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are not just there to fill in another category on a gift shop or website.

They exist because each of those gifts or themes represent something that more than materialistic.

We will break down traditional wedding anniversary gifts that you can get for a couple celebrating their anniversary, or for your better half.

Year one: Paper

The traditional gift for your first marriage anniversary is paper.

The paper is a representation of the fact that your marriage has not yet stood the test of time, and that it can be ‘torn’ with absolute ease, just like an ordinary piece of paper.

Now, you might be thinking as to how a common object like paper can be gift material. Well, there are ways by which you can add value to your paper gift.

In modern times, gift vouchers are quite popular forms of gifts.

Such vouchers will not only allow you to stay true to the tradition of your first wedding anniversary, but they also has immense value on a monetary basis.

Apart from vouchers, you can also gift anniversary cards, movie tickets, or even, tickets to a romantic getaway vacation.

The idea of a paper gift might seem ordinary, but the options are endless.

Year three: Leather

Leather symbolizes the shelter and security that is bestowed upon you from your three years of togetherness.

It represents protection that comes from the sacred bond we know as marriage.

Leather is a durable material that is known to withstand different rough and tough conditions or elements.

Similar to that, partners tied by holy matrimony also protect each other and their marriage from various factors or problems.

Hence, comes the idea of leather made gifts.

Leather goods make amazing gifts for any sort of occasion.

If you’re celebrating your third wedding anniversary and are looking towards leather gifts, you can always opt for something fashionable, like leather jackets, wallets, bags, suitcases and so on.

You could also gift them something simple like a leather key chain.

Year 10: Aluminum or tin

Tin is composed of two distinct elements – copper and bronze.

It doesn’t rust or wear down. In a similar manner, as the couple spends a decade of togetherness, their marriage is strengthened by the faith they have between them.

On the other hand, aluminum is a malleable metal symbolizing flexibility and durability in marriage. After 10 years of marriage, the couple can now face any obstacles that come in their way.

The perfect 10 year marriage anniversary gift could be personalized tin or aluminum keepsake box.

It can be used to store various items or photographs.

Besides this, different home décor items made from aluminum can also be presented as gifts for the anniversary.

Candle stands, flower vases and mirrors with an aluminum frame are just some of the many gift options available to you.

Year 20: China or porcelain

Two whole decades of togetherness is surely an occasion to celebrate.

For the 20th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is china or porcelain.

At this point in the marriage, you cannot take your relationship for granted or mishandle it – otherwise, it will break.

Hence, your marriage, now, is like that of china or porcelain, which will break into pieces the moment it falls from your hand.

As a gift, china offers a plethora of options.

Vases, pots, dinnerware sets, crockery and showpieces are all viable gift options.

Each of them will come in various shapes and sizes, as well as have a lot of variation in terms of color and design.

Year 30: Pearl

Pearls are popular gemstones that are known for their beauty.

They’re also the only gemstones that are formed directly from a living organism.

Pearls require a lot of time to be formed. It takes years before they’re revealed from the shell of an oyster.

Pearls represent the hidden beauty in such a long relationship that has grown over the years and is now more beautiful than ever thanks to the maturity it has reached.

If you’re looking for traditional 30th traditional anniversary gifts, you should know that there’s no alternative to pearls.

For her, a pearl necklace or pearl earrings would be the best gift choice.

For him, a pair of pearl cufflinks, or a custom made suit or shirt with pearl buttons would be absolutely magnificent.

If you want, you could also think outside the box and celebrate the day with a romantic seafood dinner.

Year 50: Gold

A 50th anniversary is usually referred to as a ‘golden jubilee’ or a ‘golden anniversary.’

Half a century of being married means that you two have made it to the gold standard.

Gold symbolizes the strength, prosperity and significance of your marriage.

It is one of the most prized and valuable metals known to mankind, and on the 50th wedding anniversary, it’s a symbol of the purity and strength of the marriage that bonds the beautiful couple together.

As you can pretty much guess, the traditional gift for this beautiful occasion has to be something made of gold, or with a golden theme.

Golden jewelry, ornaments, watches, bracelets, etc. are some of the most common gifts that you could give.

If you want to do something different, you can try a dish that is shrouded with edible gold.

Throughout the United States, you’ll find restaurants that serve food items like pizza, and desserts like ice-cream and cake that have traces of edible gold in them.

Year 60: Fiamond

Diamonds are known to be the hardest rock on the planet.

They’re strong and almost incompressible.

A marriage that has lasted for 60 years is nothing less than a diamond.

Over the years, the bond that exists between the couple has only grown stronger.

Their love for each other knows no bounds. It’s only justified that such a long-lasting marriage be celebrated with this type grandeur.

A diamond is then the perfect gift for such an occasion.

Diamond rings, nose pins, cufflinks, tiepins, bracelets and watches are just some of the available options.

There are also diamond crusted frames and home décor that you can look into.

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