9 Ways to Celebrate an Anniversary at Home

Romantic anniversaries are described as exotic, peaceful and beautiful.

When you are stuck at home for your anniversary, how do you make all of those things happen?

It’s easy.

It starts with creativity.

It’s taking the everyday feel out of being at home.

As you look for your perfect solution, keep in mind that there are so many ways to be romantic in your own home. You can do anything from throwing a great party to watching an outdoor movie.

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring. It can be exciting, beautiful and romantic. Below are nine ways to celebrate an anniversary at home.

1. Watch an outdoor movie

An outdoor movie is a fun twist on the normal thing. First, set up a projector outside. If you don’t have a screen, then simply hang up a white sheet. Make some popcorn and lay down with your special someone on a blanket under the sky. This is a fun way to join together and relax in each other’s arms. You can either watch a movie you both have never seen before or one that you both love. There is simplicity in watching a movie, and it joins you together in a familiar way. Nothing can be more romantic than laying out under the stars having a movie date.

Price: $

2. Make a romantic dinner at home

Who is the chef in your family? Maybe you can make a fancy meal at home. Buying ingredients isn’t nearly as expensive as going out to eat. When you are at home, you can have steak and crab legs for under $60 for the both of you. Make this event span several courses, including appetizers and dessert. When you finally sit down to have dinner, you can dress up like you are going out to a fancy restaurant. Wear an evening dress and put on makeup. It is fun to treat yourself to a special night at home.

Price: $$

3. Attend a virtual concert

Get dressed up like you are attending your favorite music concert. Get out some red solo cups to make it feel more authentic, and find a concert on YouTube to watch. Dance and sing along just like you would at the concert. This is a super fun way to spend your anniversary at home because it allows you to loosen up. You will get a little drunk, dance to some music, and really enjoy yourself. You might not be able to go to a concert in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Enjoy this anniversary with music and dancing.

Price: $

4. Plan the best surprise party

Spend time preparing the best surprise party for your significant other! This begins with making it unique to them. DoING little things like making the party “Game of Thrones”-themed or getting their favorite food will make all the difference. This will surprise them so much, and is sure to make them happy. After all, how many people have had a surprise party planned for them?

Price: $$

5. Go camping in your living room

When you need a new and exciting way to have fun at home, consider living room camping. This can be something that you can easily do on your anniversary. It is creative, thoughtful and exciting. It starts with lighting up your fireplace. You can cook some s’mores and lay down in a tent in your living room. Perhaps if you want to get really creative, you can hang some Christmas lights up on the ceiling like stars. Your significant other is going to love all the effort put into this project.

Price: $

6. Sculpt clay creations

Get your hands dirty this anniversary! Sculpting with clay is a fun way to spend a day at home. This will make you laugh with your special someone as you create something amazing. It may be a simple way to spend your anniversary, but it is a fun one. It is the type of thing you will never forget because you got dirty together.

Price: $

7. Take a food tour from home

Make this upcoming anniversary about trying new things. Begin by buying takeout from multiple different restaurants. This is a food tour, so make sure the food comes from many different cultures. Try to choose food that’s most foreign to you, though this may be harder to find in smaller cities. When it comes time to begin your tour, settle down at your dining room table. Display everything in front of you, and begin sampling. Laugh, smile and enjoy as you experience true creativity. You will find that this is the perfect way to spend an anniversary at home.

Price: $$

8. Have a backyard picnic

Instead of doing something extravagant, simply head outside and lay down on a blanket. Bring out a picnic basket filled with goodies, and relax under the sun. Focus on enjoying each other’s presence on this beautiful day. Reflect on what this relationship has meant to you, and how you have grown in the presence of your significant other. This is one of the best ways to spend an anniversary.

Price: $

9. Enjoy a relaxing spa day at home

Spending the day at home relaxing together is peaceful and magical. A spa is the most ideal form of relaxation, and it can easily be done in your own house. So put on some nice music, light some candles, and follow these simple steps below. Begin your spa day by picking out some nice oils to give each other massages with. Relax under your lover’s gentle fingers. Then give each other facials. Cleanse, exfoliate, and put on masks. Use a clay mask for oily skin and a hydrating mask for dry skin. To get the most out of your mask, drape your head over a bowl of steaming water to open your pores. Follow this by moisturizing your face. Now that you have finished your facial, you can relax into a bath together. This will be the perfect end to a perfect anniversary.

Price: $

If you are stuck at home on your anniversary, share your special day in the comments below. We would love to hear if you did any of these activities.

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