About Us

The word celebrate has a grand connotation. It assumes there is going to be a great, grand reason for celebrating. However, when we use that word, we inadvertently create a space that hinders us from fully enjoying the miracles that are happening around us – the small things we might not think deserve the grandeur of a celebration.

Other, softer, words like being thankful or grateful don’t carry the same intensity. They don’t command us to take action. They are insightful and thoughtful, but they never actually move us to do anything.

To celebrate something is to bring about action – it’s to get past the place of noticing, thinking and observing, and catapult into doing.

Imagine if every moment is spent like this. Not in a deep reflection or day dream, but in an electric, conscious state where we grab the good around us and make a celebration out of it. Where we find something to celebrate. This type of mentality makes us more than mere observers of our reality, but active participators in it.

We want to find the best ways to celebrate what is meaningful to us and express our humanity.

We want to find ways to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, promotions, babies, reunions, recoveries – everything that we care about, everything that matters.

We want to celebrate life.

Wherever that takes you, whoever you bring with you, and whatever way you choose to do it – we hope we can help you find a way to celebrate that.