Anniversary Ideas for Your Spouse

Your wedding anniversary is coming up and you want to do something special for your spouse. 

However, you’re not sure what to do.

A card is always nice, along with candy, but this year you want to do something special.

Sometimes you need help planning the perfect anniversary for your spouse. Here are a few ideas that you both should enjoy.  

Have dinner at a favorite restaurant

Do you have a favorite restaurant or is there one that you’ve been wanting to try? If so, your anniversary is the perfect time to go. Surprise your spouse and take them out to a special dinner. You can share a new dish or have an old favorite. The most important thing is that you’re there together. Another idea for dinner is to revisit a restaurant you went to when you were dating. It can even be the one where you got engaged or had your rehearsal dinner. The idea is to revisit some of these memories. It can strengthen your bond and make for a memorable anniversary. 

Spend the night at a luxury hotel

There’s nothing quite like a night in a luxury hotel, especially with your spouse. You can take advantage of the hotel’s spa for a couple’s massage. Afterward, visit the on-site bar and restaurant or enjoy being able to call for room service. 

Take a trip

This will require planning, and you might not be able to completely surprise your spouse, but taking a trip is a romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. The amount of planning will depend on your destination and the length of time you’re gone. Think about where your spouse has always wanted to go. If it’s within your budget, plan a trip. Going out of the country is romantic but so is staying close to home. Even a drive in the country and a night in a cabin can be the perfect anniversary trip. 

Buy a coveted gift

Is there something that your spouse has always wanted? If so, this anniversary is a great time to give it as a surprise gift. If you’re not sure what your other-half is seeking, check their browser history. You can also see what items they’re watching on your shared Amazon account. If you see something that that you know they want and is in your price range, order it as a surprise delivery. 

Have a surprise “day off”

Even on your days off from work, there are always things that need to be done. This includes everything from weeding a flower bed to power washing the driveway. If you have children, then you know that days off are a thing of the past. Surprise your spouse with a “day off.” They are not required to do anything. Everyone needs some time to themselves, and this anniversary present shows that you understand and care. Chances are, next year you’ll get a day off in return. 

Plan a romantic night at home

This might not be easy with kids, but can be done after they’re asleep. If it’s possible, try to recreate your favorites from the wedding menu. If you can’t, then order or prepare your favorite meal. Music playing in the background can help create a romantic mood. If you have the time, make a mixtape of songs that have meaning to both of you. This can include the music played at your wedding, along with other songs that remind you of a certain event in your relationship. After dinner, you can curl up and watch a favorite movie or even your wedding video. 

Have a photoshoot

A photoshoot doesn’t have to be in a traditional studio. You can have your portraits taken at a themed one. If the Wild West fascinates your spouse, set up an appointment with a studio that specializes in that period. They’ll have items and backgrounds that will make your photos appear authentic. There are plenty of themes to choose from. What better way to celebrate another year together than with a unique photograph that lets your spouse live their dream?

Relive your first date

If it’s possible, try reliving your first date. Go to the same places and relive every moment of that initial meeting. If you can’t get to the site of your first date, you can recreate it in similar surroundings. The idea of surprising your spouse by recreating your first date shows them that experience was memorable to you. It can also reaffirm your love for each other by bringing back fond memories. 

Go on a cruise

For some spouses, this is the ultimate surprise. They get to travel in luxury and visit different ports. If this is something your spouse has always wanted to do, why not celebrate your anniversary on a luxury cruise ship? There are plenty of attractions to keep you both occupied. There are also romantic strolls along the walkways under the stars. You can also enjoy plenty of other activities geared for couples. 

Visit a childhood home

This is a touching gift to give to your spouse. Plan a trip to their childhood home. Even if the house is gone, you can still visit the area. Stop by and meet their favorite teachers and connect with their childhood friends. The romance in this gift is the thought that you put into it.

Giving your spouse the perfect anniversary present

Surprising your spouse with the perfect anniversary present might not be as difficult as you think.

If you think from your heart, you’ll get a perfect idea.

Whether it’s a trip or a romantic evening at home, whatever gift you decide to give will make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. 

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