How wonderful that you’ve had someone walking alongside you for the past eight years.

Your spouse has been there through tribulations and joys, hard times, and good.

When you think about it, eight years is significant.

You’ve grown together in many ways.

So, on your eighth wedding anniversary, take some time to celebrate!

It might seem hard to know what to give your partner of so many years, or which activity you could do together that perfectly expresses your love for each other.

Traditional gifts

The traditional gifts for this year are salt for the United Kingdom, and bronze and pottery for the United States.

If you wanted to follow the modern theme, you might even consider giving your partner linen, lace, or something bronze – which is the color for this anniversary.

If all else fails, you could give them jewelry featuring tourmaline, a beautiful stone that can vary in hue.

With so many choices, it may seem difficult to decide which is right.

Please don’t allow yourself to be limited by your location: if salt appeals more to you than bronze or pottery, trust your gut.

It might also help to consider your partner’s love language. Dr. Gary Chapman first wrote about love languages 10 years ago and today you can take a test online to discover yours and your partner’s.

His idea was that human beings fall into one of five categories, based on how we experience love. 

Once you know your partner’s language, you will feel more confident about giving gifts that will truly delight him or her.

Salt, bronze, and pottery would all make lovely gifts.

Say it with salt

The act of giving salt has a definitive history.

Perhaps you’ve heard that Roman soldiers were paid in salt, but the story of salt is even richer.

Entire wars were fought over the attainment and management of this valuable asset, particularly because salt could be used to preserve food.

Today, you can buy various types of salt, each with a different purpose.

Some are relatively hard to find, which makes them more valuable, or else they have special properties.

Kosher salt, for example, is hollow inside and dissolves more quickly when put into soups or sauces. This means you can taste its effects right away.

Himalayan rock salt is 12 times more expensive than regular salt and has a pinkish tinge.

Like Kosher salt, Himalayan rock salt has no additives.

Table salt has been infused with a necessary element, iodine, and is more common.

However, table salt is often combined with other spices to create unique salts that can be used to save time in the kitchen, such as garlic or even cajun salt.

For the cook in your life, a bag of novelty salt might be a lovely gift, especially if combined with Pablo Neruda’s poem, “An Ode to Salt.” 

Make use of the kitchen

If your partner experiences love through acts of service, it’s time to take a walk through the kitchen.

Check your levels of salt and other spices, as well as the condition of your spice drawers and cabinets.

They might need to be wiped out.

Make sure you are stocked up on salt, pepper, and spices. If you want to do something that lasts in the long-term, consider making a chart that shows when condiments expire and need to be replaced.

Purchase stickers that say “this is the last one” and put them on the final item in a set, then when you select that last item, write it on the chart so that it is reordered.

Besides, if everyone follows this system, your household will never run out of essentials, and reordering will be almost automatic.

What a great thing to give a partner who experiences love via acts of service, as well as a nice way to devote time to the home you’ve created together!

Focus on your feelings

If your partner needs to hear words of love, find a book that contains Pablo Neruda’s “Elemental Odes:”

One of them is the Ode to Salt, but all Neruda’s odes pay tribute to objects or substances that are not only elemental but also essential.

Because your partner has likewise become an essential part of your life, light some candles and sit down to read through this book of odes together.

It’s guaranteed to stir feelings of love, so be sure to express them. Unless your partner has a heart of stone, he or she will be quite moved. 

Make use of your time

If your partner feels most loved when you spend quality time together, take a trip to an aquarium and stand in front of the salt-water tank, holding hands.

Reflect upon the fact that all life began in an ocean and that we each carry some of that primordial ocean within us.

Whenever our bodies come together, we rejoin the larger ocean in some way.

Be grateful for the elements that make up your partner’s body and mind. Be grateful for your love for each other.

Get physical

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, consider an Epsom-salt foot bath.

While Epsom salts are not strictly just salt, they are still elemental and grounding.

Fill a basin with a bit of cool water. It will be easier to carry if it’s not so heavy.

Put the basin down on a towel in front of a comfy chair.

Add boiling water from the kettle while continuing to check the temperature of the water until it’s perfect.

Place another towel on the side and make sure your partner has used the bathroom beforehand.

Hold your partner’s hand as he or she steps in and sits down in the chair.

Lightly pour water over your partner’s feet and perhaps massage the calves during the footbath, using good massage oil.

Remember that you are caring for the feet that have walked many steps with you – and be sure to express your feelings if you can.

Your partner will be in heaven.

Enjoy your anniversary celebration, whatever your love language.

Take time to appreciate the journey you’ve taken with your partner and feel grateful for the years to come.

And if you can incorporate any of these suggestions into your daily life, your relationship will become even stronger.

Congratulations on being together for eight years! 

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