The Best Seventh Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Seven years together – congratulations! What a milestone!

You’ve made it through so much. Together, you’ve discovered that deeper love, the one that goes beyond simple infatuation. You’ve found the real thing.

Now it’s time to celebrate.

In the United Kingdom, the traditional gift for the seventh anniversary is wool, while in the United States, it’s copper.

The modern gifts include desk sets or items made of brass. The colors for this year are yellow and off-white, while the stone is the gorgeous onyx.

If any of these are your partner’s favorite things, then they might be ideal.

Or you could follow the traditional themes of wool and copper.

If your partner’s eyes light up when receiving a well-considered gift, it’s probably because he or she feels your love through gifts.

Several years ago, Dr. Gary Chapman proposed that human beings have five love languages. Today there are online tests you can take that will reveal your love language. Once you know your partner’s love language you can adjust your gift, making sure that your partner really feels your love.

Here are some ideas based on the traditional gifts of wool and copper.

Does your stove work via induction?

If so, many manufacturers have begun to indicate induction compatibility with a little symbol that looks like a zig-zag or a coil.

Little magnet

Otherwise, you could bring a little magnet with you to the store.

If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, then the pan will work on your induction stove.

And if you’re handy, you could always create a place to hang the new copper pots, being sure that your partner is tall enough to reach them.

Make a wool sweater

If your partner values acts of service, remember that items made of wool need special care and that can take some time. Your spouse might really appreciate your handling this.

Think about making them a lovely wool sweater in his or her favorite color.

A common problem with wool sweaters is pilling, but pills can be removed with a special sweater comb or electric sweater shaver.

This act  time-consuming, but wouldn’t it be nice for your partner to see his or her treasured sweater looking as good as new?

Capture your love in words

If your partner needs to hear that they are loved in words, consider buying or knitting an item from the softest wool and then sewing on a little charm that has your words of love imprinted on it.

A scarf or hat will caress your partner even when you are not around, so be sure to add a card with this sentiment.

There are several charms that say “I love you” that can be found at beading shops.

Otherwise, you can get a custom-made charm through Etsy that will say whatever you like.

If the scarf is for professional use, create a secret pocket so that the charm can remain hidden – reserved for the eyes of your partner.

In some cases, a partner will wear the item for years and will rediscover the hidden charm years later, and it will serve as a beautiful reminder of the place you are now. 

Spend quality time together

If your partner feels most loved when you spend quality time together, why not take a tour of a working wool mill or a historical site where wool was spun?

Perhaps you could learn to spin together, or if it’s springtime, you could visit and play with some baby lambs.

Spinning is a bit of a meditative practice that allowed women time to sit down and to really think about the people  they were creating garments for. It gave them time to reflect on how much they loved their families while creating items that would keep everyone warm.

Take turns at the spinning wheel, spin for a while, and see what comes up for you.

What makes you feel the most gratitude after six years of married life? Be sure to tell each other how you feel.

Love as a physical touch

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, a soft sweater would be a wonderful gift, especially if it is coupled with the promise of snuggling up together with a movie and popcorn.

Alternately, a nice wool blanket could be taken out under the stars, where you could snuggle together with a thermos of hot chocolate, watching the sunset and the stars come out.

It’s time to relax. You’ve earned it! 

To keep your romance alive, try to incorporate these ideas into your everyday life.  The person next to you has agreed to be by your side for the rest of your life. It’s important to treasure that gift.

Happy seventh anniversary!

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