The Best Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary Gift for Him and Her

Can you believe it?

Six years have passed since you stood before each other and said those heartfelt vows.

So much has happened since.

Your family may have gained some new members, your work might have evolved, or perhaps you’ve moved to a new town together.

It’s a lot to take in, but the person by your side has stuck with you through everything.

Time to celebrate your commitment and your love for each other.

In the United Kingdom, people give candy to each other for their sixth anniversary, but in the United States, it’s iron. Even more confusingly, the modern gift for a sixth anniversary is wood.

Please don’t allow yourself to be restricted by location when deciding on a gift.

Ten years ago, Dr. Gary Chapman came up with a list of them.

These languages help explain why some things touch us more than others.

Today, you can take an online test to discover how you and your partner best experience love.

Here are some of the best gifts and experiences to give on your sixth year wedding anniversary.

Touch your beloved’s heart

Choose the gift you think will touch your beloved’s heart.

You could get an object that is purple, white, or turquoise, or maybe something with an amethyst stone because these are all traditional for this anniversary.

In keeping with the candy theme, consider chocolate.

For many people, eating chocolate is a secret ritual.

They have little stashes everywhere and woe to the one who eats their last piece!

If this sounds like your partner, try to find out if part of the fun is in the sneaking. If so, secretly add some new chocolate to the stash tied with a bow, and with a love note attached.

However, if your spouse is willing to share their secret pleasure and eat chocolate along with you, it might be nice to create chocolate fondue for them.

When your partner arrives at the table, have the pieces of fruit already cut and lined up beautifully, with candles glowing. Imagine his or her delight at receiving such a gift. 

What makes the fondue idea workable is that it combines a gift with an activity together, thus being more appealing to folks with several love languages.

Take a romantic trip

If your partner feels your love through quality time together, honor the theme of iron by checking to see if there is a local blacksmith you could visit.

Many years ago, young English lovers raced over the Scottish border to Gretna Green to be married without their parents’ permission.

The ceremony was performed by the village blacksmith, the trustiest man in town.

He married them right over his anvil.

A trip to Gretna Green or another smithy would be an amazing way to celebrate your sixth anniversary.

Hold hands and imagine you are that young couple, still breathless with the first flush of love, making your promises after your first journey together in a bumpy carriage – perhaps with your parents on your heels.

You could even renew your vows.

While watching the blacksmith, consider how your love has been forged and tested over the years.

It’s time to honor that. 

Experiences love through your acts of service

While the traditional themes of candy and iron may seem like they have nothing to do with each other, they are related in that they both draw us into the kitchen.

Stainless steel pots and utensils, all made of iron, are employed there, while candy is made on the stove.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, but it’s also the place where cleanup can feel like a drag – especially if there are other chores to do.

For this week, offer to do your partner’s share of the kitchen work.

For someone who experiences love through your acts of service, this will mean a great deal.

Express how much you appreciate the life you’ve created together and the lovely food you eat together.

Then really look at the balance of work in your marriage and make sure that one person is not doing more work than is realistic or fair.

If needed, an overall adjustment of the balance would help strengthen your marriage in the long term.

Translate your love into words

If your partner treasures words of love and needs them to feel love, be aware that certain brands of chocolate already come with loving words printed inside the wrappers.

But you can do better: go through a book of poetry and find a poem that resonates with the way you feel about your partner. Then copy it, and sneak open a bar of chocolate and add your note!

Try looking for love poems by Pablo Neruda or Nikki Giovanni.

Be sure to wrap up the chocolate bar again and put it in a place where only your partner will find it.

Alternately, if you are both sweet-talkers, get a variety of chocolates and sit together to sample them, telling each other about the places or scenarios that the chocolate brings to mind.

What would you both be dressed in if you were there together? How would you look at each other? And how would you feel?

If you decide to add wine to this evening, make it red and make the chocolate dark.

The final addition of your meaningful words will create a wonderful memory.

Take it to the kitchen

If your partner’s love language is physical touch and you want to follow the traditional suggestion of candy, try making and pulling taffy together!

There are different recipes online, but the important thing to remember is not to pull the taffy until it is lukewarm at the center, or you might burn yourselves.

Use a candy thermometer to determine its temperature.

Taffy-pulling is an activity that usually ends in laughter and some sort of mess, so be sure to cover your table beforehand!

And at the end, you get to lick the sugar off of each other’s fingers.

Because six years of marriage is really something to celebrate.

You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to rest and celebrate.

It might be nice to remember each year you’ve been together by talking about your successes and the ways you grew closer together that year.

Realize just how far you’ve come.

And if you can maintain any of the above ideas as regular practices, your love will continue to shine brightly.  

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