How to Celebrate Your Second Year Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations! You have reached the two-year mark.

Your marriage has become tangible – a real force in the world.

At this point, you understand what brings your partner joy.

You know which conversations or activities they find annoying.

And you have a good idea of how your partner likes to celebrate. 

The traditional gift for the second anniversary is cotton, with the modern version being china.

These gifts may not seem very romantic, but remember that you are still in the early years of your marriage.

Before wedding registries existed, couples may have struggled to obtain the basic essentials for their lives together.

Today, cotton is all around us, so it may not seem like something special, and may even seem like a paltry expression of love.

But if you understand your partner’s love language, you may be able to give cotton in a way that is very romantic and personal. Dr. Gary Chapman conceived these languages 10 years ago, and today there are several online tests that will reveal them. 

Considering the traditional second-anniversary gift of cotton, here are some ways to celebrate:

If your partner feels love when you do helpful things, then he or she may have an “acts of service” love language.

In this case, you might help with household tasks that you don’t usually touch.

Consider the stack of laundry that is probably piling up somewhere in your house right now. You may have yelled at your spouse to hit the hamper with dirty underwear after volleying them across the room.

So, what if you washed that load of laundry, folded it, and then left a beautiful, freshly washed cotton towel on top?

Pinned to the towel could be a note, directing your spouse to take off his or her clothes and come into the bathroom wrapped only in the towel.

Imagine the thrill of finding a note like that!

You could be ready with a bath set to just the right temperature, perhaps with some rose petals in the water.

Be sure to put on some calming music and ask if your partner would like the company. If they don’t, then leave the towel in a place that’s easy to reach and add some chocolate. If they do, then hop in, and enjoy bathing each other.

When you’re done, that beautiful, fluffy cotton towel will give you another way to embrace your partner on your anniversary.

Explore new titles

Have you ever seen the movie in which Eric Stolz’s character corrects a French woman who calls him “Mr. America,” by saying that his name is  actually “Captain America?”

It may be a good on-screen joke, but how many of us have secret titles that we’d love to wear out, at least in the privacy of our own homes?

If your partner experiences love through words of affirmation, consider getting him or her a cotton sweatshirt, apron, or ball cap printed with an honorary title.

Clearly, you’ve both evolved since the time when you wore shirts that said “bride” and “groom.”

So, is your wife a goddess now? If so, what kind? Is your husband your hero?

Put the title on a shirt and watch his or her smile when it is unwrapped.

Spoil them with new outfits

If your partner’s love language is quality time and you want to incorporate the traditional gift of cotton, consider first whether your partner likes to dress up.

Perhaps a shirt in a color your husband loves but does not feel is suitable for work would be a good gift.

You could also consider a nice outfit for your wife that shows that you have considered every inch of her body and that you know what she likes to wear when she feels her most beautiful and confident.

If your spouse enjoys downtime together instead, imagine enjoying it comfortably, in a cozy sweatsuit or a set of cotton pajamas.

Then break out a deck of cards, a fun board game, or your favorite movie, and celebrate the luxury of just being together. 

Go for something physical

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, consider lying that cotton towel over some padding on top of a table or bed.

You’ve now created your own massage table.

There are so many things that can go into a good massage.

Try adding some wooden rollers if your hands need a break, plus a high-quality massage oil. Then watch your partner relax into your love.

Enjoy your second-year celebration

As you move forward, remember which gifts had the greatest impact and why.

What does that reveal about your partner, and about you as the giver?

Are there other gifts you could give or things you could do throughout the year?

A person is a bride or a groom for one day only and then becomes a good wife or husband through practice.

Consider the practices you currently have in your marriage and adjust them if needed, based on the type of marriage you want to have in the future.

Have a great time celebrating your second wedding anniversary!

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