Congratulations! You have been together for three years.

You may not look much different than you did on the day of your wedding, but both big and small things have changed over the years.

You’ve really solidified your union and may have passed some major milestones, such as buying a house or having a child.

Now, it’s time to celebrate!

Traditionally, spouses give leather items to each other for their third anniversary, with the modern version of this being crystal or glass.

With the traditional gift of leather in mind, here are some ways you can speak your spouse’s love language on your third anniversary.

Surround your partner with love

In keeping with the traditional theme of leather, you could always give your partner a belt.

Just as your love surrounds your partner, a belt will completely encircle his or her waist.

If your partner is looking forward to an upcoming trip, it might be a nice reminder that your love surrounds your spouse regardless of their location.

Give the gift of convenience 

If your partner is always busy around the house, or if he or she constantly does little things to make your life easier, then it might be that your partner experiences love through acts of service.

There are many things you can do to help them out in return. One thing you can do is go through your family’s shoe and leather bag collection to see which need to be mended and then take them to be repaired.

It’s usually really hard to find time to do this, so this gift would be much appreciated. Especially because comfortable shoes can be hard to find, and wear out quickly because they are worn so often.

Nobody wants to give up shoes they’ve broken in, so resoling can be the answer.

Leather shoes and bags can be completely resolved and repaired in a few hours, which is one less thing your partner has to do.

Make sure your family members have the shoes they need before you go, then get the job done. When you return home, put the shoes back neatly away to surprise them.

Marriage means caring for another person, even down to their feet

To someone who experiences love via acts of service, taking care of the family’s shoes will mean a lot.

Capture what’s in your heart with poetry

If your partner loves words of affirmation, why not find a beautiful, blank, leather-bound book to contain those words?

Poetry can really help to keep the romance alive.

Think of the day you first knew you were in love and imagine your partner in every detail.

How did her face appear to you?

Was he smiling?

How did that first rush of love feel?

Get a separate sheet of paper and write it all down.

You don’t need to create anything that rhymes – just put down your thoughts, read them to yourself, and listen to the rhythm of the words.

Do you like them?

If so, write your words in the book and make it your space for preserving and honoring beautiful thoughts about each other.

Spouse’s delight upon receiving such a lovely gift.

After giving it to them, be sure to hold your partner and read your words out loud.

Because years ago, your partner fell in love with the sound of your voice. Think how much they would appreciate hearing you say beautiful words written just for them?

Keep them warm with leather gloves

If your partner’s love language is quality time, consider giving them a high-quality pair of leather gloves, perhaps fur-lined, and then take your partner out for a walk in the cold.

There really is something sensual about sliding one’s hands into something warm and cozy, and your partner will have a little thrill every time the gloves are put on or removed.

Alternately, a good pair of leather driving gloves could precede a lovely road trip.

Get creative with leather lingerie

If your partner’s love language is physical touch and you’re feeling brave, you might consider leather lingerie.

Many items, such as bustiers, can be purchased online. However, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can take a trip to a sex shop with your husband or wife. There will be many leather items there and you will be able to create a virtual smorgasbord of sensations for your partner.

If you’re lucky enough to be with someone who feels love when they are touched, why not make a party out of it?

Another thing to consider is that if one sense is so developed in your partner, it’s likely that the other senses will be as well. Leather has a wonderful smell and sifting through leather lingerie could be really fun.

Together, you’ll be able to touch the items, run your fingers across the suede, and drink in that wonderful, sexy smell of leather.

As life together becomes more and more familiar, it may be time to introduce some novelty.

It’s no mistake that the third anniversary is all about giving items of leather.

Enjoy spicing things up, and have a wonderful anniversary celebration!

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