Do You Buy Gifts for a Baby Dedication?

Getting presents for a baby dedication has been a mind-boggling issue for a lot of people. Baby dedications are considered a thanksgiving to God for blessing the parents a little bundle of joy – it is not to be confused with the naming ceremony. Child dedication has been practiced in churches for years. It is an act of consecration of children to God. Child dedication varies – it is usually performed before or after Sunday service. The parents are asked to proclaim their commitment to raising their child in the Christian faith, after which the child is prayed for by the pastor. 

Types of gifts for a baby dedication

 baby dedication

There are various gifts you could get for a baby’s dedication – it could be a religious gift, a non-religious gift, a personalized gift, or a family gift. 

Religious gifts

Since baby dedication is mostly carried out in churches, you can decide to get gifts in relation to the theme of the event. Religious gifts could be any of the following.

  • Cross: The cross is a very important symbol in Christianity and also a good gift which would mean a lot to the baby growing up. The best cross can be found on
  • Lamb doll: Regardless of the gender of the baby, a lamb is a wonderful gift to get the baby to be dedicated. The lamb also has a significance in Christianity. The lamb and several other items like angels and arks can be gotten on
  • Bible: The Bible is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures collated and passed down over time. Different texts are considered to be a product of divine inspiration and a record of the relationship between God and humans. The Bible is a very influential book. Over six billion copies of the Bible have been sold and also translated into at least 3,350 unique languages or dialects according to the Guinness book of records. The Bible is a book people turn to for different reasons. Some seek closure or comfort from God during the toughest times. Others get close to God through morning Bible text readings and meditation. When giving religious gifts to the little bundle of joy, a Bible is a nice and memorable gift that would be useful over the years. It’s a sign that you’re welcoming the child into the Christian faith. The Bible can be personalized with the baby’s name and birthday. Children keep learning as they grow and the Bible teaches them what they need to know about God’s relationship with humans and helps them grow in faith.
  • Baptism to wedding bracelet: This bracelet is the perfect gift for godparents and grandparents to present to the child as a dedication gift. It has a religious and personal hint to it. Even if the parties presenting the gift are not religious, it can be presented. 
  • Jesus’ storybook bible: Several churches even give this as a gift to the child on the dedication day. It is a great dedication gift, although, too advanced for the child being dedicated, but would come in handy in years to come.
  • Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter: This toy lets kids play with adorable animals. It also boosts kids’ shape recognition. It is recommended for kids between the ages of one and six. It has a biblical aura to it which makes it a great gift idea for a baby’s baptism and can be found on

Non-religious gifts

For non-religious relatives and friends looking to get something out of the religious box, below is a list of gifts that are neither traditional nor religious. 

  • A necklace: A little pretty necklace would be cute on the dedicated child’s little neck. To make it look a bit customary, you could opt for a silver necklace.
  • A poem frame: If you’re a poet or a writer, this is the most perfect gift that you could possibly present; a gift made by you would really be appreciated. And if you’re not a writer or a poet, you could adapt a line or two from your favorite writer, frame it, and present your wonderful gift.
  • Baby dress: when buying a baby’s dress, endeavor to buy a bigger dress since babies tend to grow very quickly. You can buy a cloth that would fit a six month old.
  • Photo album with pewter coin
  • A picture frame

Personalized gifts

baby dedication

When going to a baby’s dedication, you could get gifts that are solely customized for the baby’s sake. Below is a list of personalized gifts.

  • Baby dedication puzzle with pegs: This is a cute and perfect gift to present at a baby’s dedication. It contains pegs to clip the letters of the baby’s name to the board.
  • Personalized fabric book: The baby’s name or initials are printed on the front page while the baby’s photos are printed on soft fabric pages of the book. This gift can be found on It is a  beautiful gift to give at a child’s dedication ceremony.
  • Customized money box: To make it look special, you can decide to customize it with any christening poem of your choice, name of the child, date, and place of birth. It is also important that you put money inside as it is not acceptable to present an empty money box.
  • Personalized keepsake
  • Personalized oak letter
  • Hashtag card
  • A personalized moo, star and tassel wall hanger on
  • A personalized baby polar bear footprint kit
  • A personalized mini music box 
  • Customized keychain with unique engravings
  • Personalized bracelets

Non-gift gestures for a baby dedication 

  • A cash gift
  • Your presence at the ceremony
  • A savings bond

A final note 

Although it’s quite unnecessary to buy gifts for dedication when there is still going to be a baptism and christening ceremony where gifts will also be presented, it is a polite gesture to honor the invitation with a gift no matter how little rather than go empty-handed or decline the invitation altogether. These things may seem unimportant, but they are valuable to people.

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