Do You Buy Gifts for a Confirmation?

Like a Baptism, a confirmation ceremony is one of the numerous unique rites that teenagers and adults participate in as Christians in order to receive the holy communion as ordered by the Lord Jesus Christ. 

For ceremonies like this, gifts are expected to be religious or pertain to them. Meaningful and exclusive gifts are what are expected as presents, although there might be a way out for non-religious relatives, friends, or godparents who don’t share in their beliefs. 

If you’re wondering what type of gifts to present, there are only two kinds: gifts that exude their faith and belief, and gifts that are not out of the line, or in plain terms, gifts that do not denote any religious value. There are several non-religious gifts that are decent and meaningful.

Below, we’ll ease your burden and list out several meaningful gifts you can choose from without putting a strain on your beliefs.


Religious gifts

  • “100 Things God Loves About You” Book: This book helps you renew your faith in Christ, lets you know that God is with you no matter what happens and most importantly, explains that ’till eternity, his love abounds. This book is the best gift to present to a teen. It will help him/her through turbulent and trying times and peer pressure that comes with growing up in the 21st century. 
  • Dove pocket token: This gift can be customized with the confirmer’s name and date of confirmation or you can have it engraved with any spiritual quote of your choice.
  • Wristlet: There is a particular color of dress everyone who is getting confirmed is expected to wear. You can get her a matching wristlet to wear for the ceremony.
  • Table cross: You can engrave words of faith on this cross, with their name and date of confirmation to give it a personal aura. This cross and the message etched on it will remember the owner of their faith when life gets unbearable.

gifts for a confirmation

  • Keepsake box: Everyone loves a keepsake! In fact, it is a gift that cuts across all ceremonies. Keepsakes make it easy to be organized as you store important things that could easily get lost. See it on
  • Wall art: You can choose a passage from the Bible and etch it on wall art to remind them that the bible is a book of wisdom and its words should be their commandment. 
  • Confirmation picture frame: You don’t necessarily have to wait for a confirmation picture before you gift a confirmation picture frame. Any nice picture will suffice. On the frame, write words of authority for the confirmer to set their passion afire. This a perfect gift for a teenager.
  • Message in a bottle: This is a simple and meaningful gift. You just need to get a scroll, print a wonderful spiritual message or anything you prefer, fold it beautifully, drop it the bottle, then cork it. Now you have a wonderful gift.
  • Cross pendant necklace: The cross is a constant conviction that Christ is risen. It is also a proclamation of our belief in him. A cross pendant necklace is a form of identification.
  • God Is My Guide compass: On this compass, God’s word is etched at the north position as a word of faith to keep us on the right path and to remind us that he will always be our guardian and our guide. See it on
  • Cross fish bracelet: This is a male bracelet with a cross and fins that symbolize a fish. It is a typical ornament that teenage boys tend to cherish.
  • Cross infinity bracelet: Everyone loves a piece of jewelry that stands for what they believe in, hence the domination of fashion with spiritual totems. This bracelet will be appreciated by anyone.
  • Custom painted Bible: To make the gift worth keeping, ask the confirmer what color he/she would like their Bible painted. This way, it will be considered a special, unique and beautiful keepsake gift.
  • Christian men’s journal: These journals help to reflect deeply on the spiritual areas of our lives and let as write about it. It inspires meditation and following in the steps of Christ.

Non-religious gifts


  • Movie ticket: Gift them a ticket to see their favorite movie at the cinema with their friends. Depending on the movie, which has to be decent, it is not far from a nice gift to give a confirmer.
  • Canvas painting: you can gift the confirmer a painting of him/her or somewhere they’d love to go on a vacation. Everyone loves a bit of art stuff to spice up the beauty of their rooms.
  • Headphones: If the confirmer is a music lover or likes to stream a movie or shows online, this is the perfect gift to give him/her. Especially if they’re teenagers.
  • Clothing: Is there anyone who despises being gifted new clothes? Since there’s none, this is a perfect gift for someone who is a clothes freak.
  • Books: Is a bibliophile getting confirmed? Let’s get some books to keep them happy forever!
  • Stationery: Journals, doodle pads, coloring pencils, highlighters, pens, markers and sketchbooks are majorly appreciated by teenagers and kids getting confirmed.

Non-gift related items

  • A cake: if you love baking and you’re great at it, you can go ahead and bake a cake for the confirmer to make the day lovely and delicious.
  • Volunteer: If there’s going to be a mini party after the convocation, you can offer to assist in setting up the venue and making it ready for the arrival of guests.

A final note 

When it comes to buying a gift for a confirmation ceremony, there is a lot of confusion as a result of the sensitivity and the religious conduct attached to the event and the fact that most people prefer to give gifts. But once it is over, you’d wonder what the fuss was all about in the first place. It is wonderful to feel loved, remembered and cherished, and gifts give us all that feeling.

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