Do You Buy Gifts for a Gender Reveal Party?

A baby gender reveal party can either be a simple event or an intricate one. Normally, the hosts of a gender reveal party shouldn’t expect a gift, except it is hosted as a baby shower. Quite a number of people see no reason to bring gifts to a gender reveal party because the baby shower is close, and they know the type of gift to bring to the baby shower. Still, some people go ahead and bring gifts for the parents-to-be to welcome the incoming bundle of joy, which is a very kind gesture because they’re saying that every event is a cause for celebration. 

Types of gifts for a gender reveal 

Since most people tend to bring gifts that the parents could use, listed below are gift items that are meaningful for both parents and the unborn child.

gender reveal party

  • Maternity gown: This is a thoughtful gift to give a pregnant friend since there’s nothing like too many maternity dresses. The maternity gown should be stylish, but the most important fact is for you have to know her size since the size of women in their pregnancy period varies.
  • Buy a customized shirt for dad: Since the mother gets all the attention, surprising everyone and the dad by getting a gift for him would be a nice idea to make the party fun and interesting. You could customize the shirt with “Dad-to-Be” or any line you’d prefer. He’d wear it around ’till the day ends. 
  • A gift card to a restaurant they love: The expecting mother would definitely love this because as her bump grows, so does her appetite. Also, an outing would be beneficial to the expecting parents as they relieve some stress and built-up tension caused by anticipation, especially if it’s their first child. 
  • Matching parents’ mug: This is a very simple gift. All you have to do is buy two mugs, write daddy on one and mummy on the other. It is a way to commemorate their efforts towards the unborn child and also celebrate with them. 
  • Snacks: This is majorly for the expecting mother since it is known that they tend to eat a lot as the baby grows. Getting her a lot of snacks will save her cash and endless trips to the store. 
  • Double-sided countdown: These little numbered blocks will help the expecting parents countdown the weeks or days to delivery. It’s a thoughtful and meaningful gift to present. Order yours on
  • White baby blanket with stickers: This gift is lovely! It’s something every kid would love, especially with the millennial stickers attached to the soft blanket. See it on
  • Baby’s shark robe: Babies are cute and lovely in adorable robes. This is a beautiful gift that the parents will be grateful for because it’ll make their cutie look cuter after every bath. 
  • Ear thermometer: One of the perks of living in the 21st century is the wide range of technological devices that makes parenting and childcare easier. This device helps parents to detect quickly and monitor any form of infection or fever the baby might have. 
  • Fetal heart rate monitor: This device helps parents monitor the baby’s heartbeat during delivery. This device eases the fear of parents and allows them to keep their health as a priority. 
  • Rocking chair: This is an extremely useful gift every parent would love. Rocking the child to sleep to keep them calm in a comfortable position is a luxury. 
  • Foot soak and body massage: A common thing among pregnant women is body pain. You can treat them to a nice spa to relieve them of pains – they need a lot of pampering. 
  • Lavender oil: This oil is famed for the relaxing effects it has. The expecting mother can decide to put some drops in a bathtub while she soaks herself in it after a long day. 
  • Diapers: This is a common form of the gift presented at baby showers and gender reveal parties. But to be honest, there’s nothing like too many diapers. It is an essential commodity in every household with an infant. So, do not be bothered by the fact that there would be tons of diapers given as gifts.
  • A personalized necklace: You can do something different by getting a cute necklace for the mother-to-be with an embossed word on it like “my new name is mom” or any line of your choice. 
  • Vitamins: This is an essential supplement needed by the mother and the baby. You could ease their finances by getting this as a gift since vitamins are expensive. It will very well be appreciated.
  • Clothing: Since it is a gender reveal party, it’ll be quite hard to get dresses for the unborn child, but there are several other clothing ideas like socks, knitted sweaters and caps that are acceptable and will also suffice.

Gifts that are not expected at gender reveal parties 

gender reveal party

  • Unsolicited advice for another child: If you’re in the business of giving advice to expecting parents to remember God’s commandment to go forth and multiply, it’d be better you keep to yourself.
  • Gender-specific gifts: Since the gender hasn’t been announced, it’d be a waste to go with gifts that either for a boy or a girl. 
  • Alcohol: It is common knowledge that alcohol is not good for the health of the mother-to-be and the unborn child. Showing up with alcohol is not proper and very much unacceptable as you might be tempting an innocent mom to take a sip.
  • Horrible stories: Nobody really loves the horror of giving birth even though it’s common knowledge. To save everyone uneasiness, it’s better to be positive.


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