Do You Buy Gifts for an Engagement Party?

So, you’ve been invited to an engagement party and you’re wondering if you should buy gifts or not. Do not feel pressured because engagement gifts are not necessary, but it’s your choice to decide whether or not you want to get a gift for a couples. When getting gifts, it should be something small and romantic. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. A budget-friendly gift like wine or a pretty bouquet is acceptable since the engagement party is just one of many pre-wedding soirees and parties. 

There are several gifts you can bring to an engagement party, but they have to be sentimental. The gifts could be for the couples or you could get them each a gift separately. It could be traditional stemware with their names etched on or a photo frame, coffee, or tea mugs. 

Engagement gifts for the couples 

  • Calendar: A calendar with a picture of the couple-to-be is a nice way of saying congratulations on the journey they’ve embarked on. 
  • Photobook: We all know pictures hold so many memories – pictures capture a moment in time that can never happen again. With the wedding on the way and several other soirees, a photo book is a thoughtful present as it helps house the beautiful moments that have been captured. 
  • Decorative picture frames: Personalized picture frames of various sizes can be ordered on Amazon to save you from the stress of gift shopping. This is a budget-friendly gift yet it holds a lot of emotion. 
  • Stemware: A nice pair of etched stemless wine glass can be ordered on
  • Greeting cards: Greeting cards are also a great way to express your joy and gladness for the couples. You can decide to write nice congratulatory words in the pages of the cards. 
  • Matching champagne flutes: Let the couple-to-be have their first toast in a grand style with a beautiful set of matching champagne flutes. This is a very nice gift that would be useful in several parties to come, especially the wedding. 
  • A cake knife: This a very thoughtful and ideal gift to present to the couples because in the next months or years, several ceremonies will follow and this beautiful cake knife will graciously stand up to those occasions. 
  • A wine chiller: Is there anyone who wouldn’t love a wine chiller? You’ve gotten the nicest gift, especially if the couples are winos. This gift will be useful even on the wedding day and several other days to come. 
  • A bar kit: you can’t go wrong with this gift. No one can. Everyone loves a good cocktail and this is the perfect gift for couples who love to have their own cocktail. You can find this bar kit on online. this kit comes with cocktail recipes which makes it even the best gift ever. See it on
  • A flower vase: Couples receive a lot of congratulatory flowers on their engagement day, and a flower vase is something they never buy for themselves. You can get them a vase to put their flowers. It’s the most thoughtful gift you can ever get them. See it on 
  • Cheeseboard: This is the perfect gift for couples who are wine lovers. There is no better way to make them happy than getting them a nice cheese board.
  • Cocktail napkins: Cocktail napkins are nice gifts, especially if they have funny graphics printed on them. They’d make the newlyweds have fond memories that can never be forgotten.

Engagement gifts for the bride

engagements gifts

  • A fancy notebook: As the days get busier as a result of the wedding planning, a notebook is the right engagement gift that will help her get the plans organized and documented. 
  • A ring dish: A ring dish is a perfect gift, as she just got herself a ring. This dish can be used anywhere in the house whenever she needs to relieve her finger of the ring without it getting misplaced.
  • A robe: This robe can be personalized with her name or initials in a lovely font and can also be used in the preparation OF her wedding or during her bridal shower. 
  • “Miss to Mrs.” planner: Everyone needs a planner, but not as much as a woman who is married. She would have to organize her appointments, schedules, thoughts and ideas, and there is no better way to do that than with a planner. You can order this on
  • The bride-to-be book: In this journal, the bride-to-be is influenced to make notes on how she feels about walking down the aisle. In the journal, there are areas assigned for pictures and brochures that she had before saying “I do.” You can get this on

Engagement gifts for the groom

Gift to groom

  • A tie bar: Tie bars are always stamped with a variety of graphics, usually places. You could get him a tie bar to keep his tie neat on the wedding and also stamped with a place he comes from or something that reminds him of what he stands for.
  • An engraved whiskey bottle: You can easily order a groom-to-be a bottle of whiskey engraved with your choice of words or message. This gift will come in handy as celebrations will keep rolling in.
  • A catchall tray: This catchall tray helps him stay organized with objects that can easily be misplaced as car keys, cuff links, wristwatches, house keys and coins. 

If you do not wish to present gifts for reasons best known to you, there are non-gift related ideas to express your love:

  • Make a donation in the name of the couples-to-be to any organization they support, own, or a shelter that needs donations.
  • You could volunteer to cut down the cost of certain services that you can provide. You could do services like baking the cake, organizing the party, preparing the menu, etc.

A final note

Moments like these are important and unforgettable. For this reason, everyone is expected to make the most out of them. Most times, it is the presence and our good wishes that are more appreciated, but the gifts we give leave a lasting effect as it sparks remembrance. Giving a gift is the most wonderful thing you could do for newly engaged couples.

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