Do you Buy Gifts for a Baptism?

There are many controversies surrounding the word “baptism” today as a result of diverse practices in different denominations. People keep asking questions to clear their confusion about the actions and why it matters. In fact, many see it as an archaic doctrine that should be done away with.

To fully understand the type of gifts to buy for the baptism of your godchild, your friend’s child, or anyone dear to you, you need to know what a baptism is, its significance, and what it represents which I am going to explain in the following paragraphs. 

What is a baptism?

Simply put, baptism is the act of sprinkling water on the forehead of a person or the immersion of a person either an infant/young child or an adult, in water, partially or completely to symbolize their purification, regeneration, and induction into the church of Christ. A christening or naming ceremony is accompanied after the baptismal rite.


Should you buy a gift for a baptism?

The answer could be: yes, no, or maybe. These answers are dependent on the culture, tradition, denomination of your church, and the belief or religion of the person who is presenting the gift. For instance, in Baptist churches, gifts are never expected while in the Catholic Church. It is customary to give a gift to whoever is getting baptized and also a non-Christian or a non-religious member of the family. Godparents and friends could be at a crossroads when deciding whether to buy a gift or not, and what type of gift should be bought.

However, it is important to celebrate life and achievements no matter how little it may be in any way possible. Because everything in life is worth celebrating, we celebrate birth, birthdays, a raise in salary, a promotion, a marriages, a vow renewal – so why not a baptism? 

Before we go on to list the kinds of gifts to present at a baptismal ceremony, we’d like to state that it’s not only infants who get baptized. Adults, kids and teenagers also get baptized.

Types of gifts for a baptism

If you are going to be presenting a gift, the appropriate form of gifts you should consider buying are religious gifts.

Baptism Gift

Baptismal gift for kids include:

  • Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter: This toy lets kids play with adorable animals. It also boosts kids’ shape recognition. It is recommended for kids between ages one to six years. It has a biblical aura to it which makes it a great gift idea for a baby’s baptism and can be found on
  • Serenity lamb with crib cross: A pleasant little lamb with a removable cross sounds like the ideal gift to present to a baptized infant. The nicest thing is the inclusion of a poem titled “Bless this child.” Due to its softness and its safety, it is recommended for a newborn baby. It is available on
  • Personalized woodblock: This unique baptismal gift is the perfect keepsake any child would ever want. The words are engraved with a laser which makes it long-lasting. For a non-religious person, this is also a beautiful gift.
  • Personalized bible storybooks: This gift emphasizes the love of God, his presence and beauty. On the front page cover, you can customize the name of the kid on it. For instance, if the kid’s name is Eve, you can customize the book with “God Loves Eve.” You can get this gift on
  • A dress: When buying a dress for kids or infants, make sure you buy something bigger in size, because kids grow very quickly. You might a cloth that’d fit them even when they’re a year older.

Baptism gifts for teenagers and adults:

  • A customized cross necklace engraved with a name, bible verse, prayer, quote, initials, or dates. It is a meaningful gift to present to an adult and a teenager. It could also serve as special jewelry.
  • An engraved bracelet with words of faith, a cross symbol, names, or bible verses.
  • “The lord is my guide” compass, which can be engraved and is pocket-friendly. It is a perfect gift that inspires a deep alignment with God.
  • A leather wrap journal with a cross binder.
  • Customized keychain with unique engravings.
  • A personalized wooden cross, engraved with names in a stylish manner. Also pocket friendly. 
  • A bible with the baptismal name on it.

Non-gift related things to do for a baptism

Although it is a common knowledge that the doctrines of certain denominations do not accept gifts in any form, there are always several other substitutes for gifts to make the event worth remembering, some of which are listed below:

  • A dinner that includes family, godparents and friends of the child is a simple way to celebrate the occasion without including gifts. 
  • An after-baptism party can be organized on behalf of the baptized immediately after the church program has ended.
  • As parents, you can open a trust fund in the name of your child to save towards college or anything pertaining to the future.
  • Make a scrapbook with the pictures from the baptism program.

A final note 

A child’s baptism is an important stage that should not be skipped. That doesn’t mean it’s too late if you haven’t been baptized, there’s no age limit to be baptized. The Lord opened his arms to receive us all regardless of our age or who we are. It is this ceremony that strengthens our foothold in Christ and ignites the faith in us. 

Being invited to the baptism of anyone is a great privilege and we ought to honor it with gifts. Although, if it is the baptism of an infant, he/she would not immediately know the worth of these gifts. However as years roll by, stories are retold with these gifts, and this way, the memories linger and we are never forgotten.

Gifts are essential and important; they make us feel special and significant. It strengthens the bond and love between the family, friends and godparents and everyone who presented a gift. No matter how small, they’re always cherished.

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