Should You Buy Gifts for a Bridal Shower?

If you are at a crossroad, wondering – should I buy a gift for the bridal shower? The answer is simply yes, you should. Etiquette demands that you bring a gift to a bridal shower. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is the next day; you’re also expected to bring another gift. The bridal shower is a teaser for the big day, and most importantly, a moment shared between close friends to celebrate the bride-to-be.

If you’re debating just waiting to bring a gift to the wedding shower instead, that’s unethical. If you’ve been invited to a bridal shower, then you must be special, so you have to buy a gift for the bridal shower and another gift for the wedding. This can be achieved without putting a strain on your savings by writing out your budget for the event. 

The bridal shower gift doesn’t have to be a big deal since you’d be getting a wedding gift also. If you have a budget of $200 for a gift, you can buy a gift worth $60 for the bridal shower and a gift worth $140 for the wedding. That way, you’ll be able to put a smile on the bride’s face without making your bank account frown.

What’s the difference between a bridal shower and a wedding shower?

bridal shower gift

The bridal shower comes before the wedding. It’s a tradition where the bride and her friends have the day to themselves for fun and events and also prepare for her big day, it is centered on the bride, while a wedding shower includes the groom and his friends and is about the soon-to-be newlyweds. And as a result, gifts will be chosen with a different standard.

What gifts should you buy for a bridal shower?

Below are lists of gifts that are appropriate for a bridal shower.

  1. A cake stand: This will come in handy on the wedding day and on several other days. It creates a perfect photoshoot and will be useful for entertainment down the road.

bridal shower cake

  1. Ring dish: There is nothing like too many ring dishes – they’ll be useful everywhere like the bathroom, the toilet and the nightstand. A ring dish is a perfect gift for a bridal shower.
  2. A cookbook: If the bride loves to cook, a cookbook is full of recipes to make extremely delicious meals.
  3. Drink-ware set: Drink-ware sets are great for every kind of drink. They are classy and also very important kitchenware.
  4. Flower vase: A flower vase is a nice idea for a minimalist bride. Not too huge and not too small. Just something to keep her flowers for beautification purposes. See it on
  5. Lingerie: Who doesn’t love a beautiful set of lingerie? Even the groom is going to bless you for preparing the bride for that special night. In fact, it makes the bridal shower all fun and interesting as everyone giggles over the gift.
  6. Jewelry: A nice necklace or a set of bangles is going to be very much appreciated by a fashion-loving bride. In fact, you’LL have the key to her heart forever.
  7. Naked cashmere puff skippers:  Pamper the bride’s feet with these plush fluff slippers that can be worn during the wedding preparation and also at home during the chilly season.
  8. A Mark & Graham commute clutch: This pouch is useful in keeping one organized as a result of the numerous pockets that is within the pouch. Whether one is rushing off to work or trying to catch a flight very early; this clutch keeps one prepared with all necessary materials safely arranged in the pouch.
  9. A framed photo: Everyone appreciates a framed photo from an event that sparks remembrance. You can choose a photo from their engagement party or the time they were courting.
  10. Echo smart speaker with Alexa: Give them a personal assistant that makes getting ready every morning easier. The assistant does everything from setting a mood to making a call and even playing songs. You can find this smart gift on
  11. Personalized Loma living valet tray: This tray helps in having a fixed place to keep keys, remotes, cords and other things that get easily misplaced. It can be personalized with the first letter of their name to make a unique gift.
  12. A hair detox kit: The hair also deserves to be pampered, and this detox kit is the best way to make that happen. It completes a package that features a hair mask, a shampoo, cleansing oil, a scalp scrub and more. The bride is definitely going to love it.
  13. Perfume: There’s no way you’ll be invited to a bridal shower if you’re not close to the bride. Since you know the bride so well, it won’t be difficult to choose the perfume she loves the most. 
  14. Percale flat sheet: With this set of lovely sheets, the bride feels she’s in a grand hotel room. It feels different from a regular bedspread. This percale comes in eight different shades that enable you to select as you please.
  15. A marble cutting board: Every home needs a cutting board, and every woman loves a beautiful and nice cutting board that adds beauty to her kitchen. It is available on

If you don’t want to get a gift but also do something to celebrate the bride, listed below are a few ideas you can choose from: 

  • You can decide to bake the cake for the ceremony
  • You can prepare the tables for the reception
  • Be present – most people appreciate the presence of more than gifts, it is the biggest gift you can ever-present

A final note

Whether to buy a gift or not shouldn’t be up for discussion if we all knew the importance of the gift. It is common knowledge that getting gifts from the people we love makes us feel special.

While also buying a bridal gift, make sure you get her something personal and something that can be used by her alone.

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