Do You Buy Gifts for a Christening?

The world as it was yesterday isn’t the same world today. So many cultures and traditions are slowly fading into extinction. Many people don’t bother with christening once baptism has been conducted. Some also wonder if christening is the same as baptism.

Christening is a term referred to as the naming ceremony; the word ‘christen’ means ‘to name,’ while baptism is the act of sprinkling water on the forehead of or immersion of a child or an adult. Often, christening takes place after baptismal rites have been concluded, but these days, the tides have changed. 

Nevertheless, it is imperative to seize every moment, no matter how small, to celebrate and appreciate the essence of living. The christening ceremony of your child is an important event that shouldn’t be skipped. It doesn’t have to be a large gathering, a simple party will suffice.

Have you been invited to the christening ceremony of your godchild, nephew, niece, grandchild, a friend’s child, and confused about giving a gift or not? Or you do you not know what gifts would suit the occasion? Do not fret, we’ll explain vividly everything that boggles your mind.

gifts for christening

If you feel inclined to give a gift, listed below is a list of gifts you should consider getting.

  • A dress: Baby clothes are meaningful gifts to present at a christening ceremony. If you’re unsure of the size, it is ideal that you get something bigger and would fit the baby at six months old or older since babies grow rapidly.
  • A special blanket: Blankets are extremely nice gifts to present at a christening, especially during winter. They’re meaningful and also thoughtful.
  • Toys: Toys like a wooden xylophone, colorful pull along with a caterpillar, a doll, rubber duck, glow sticks, a wooden Noah’s ark, a fruit and vegetable play set would suffice. 
  • A Swarovski star: You can customize it with the christener’s name, date of birth, initials, or an emoticon. This gift can be found on
  • Personalized bible storybooks: This gift emphasizes the love of God, his presence, and beauty. On the front page cover, you can customize the name of the kid on it. For instance, if the kid’s name is Eve, you can customize the book with “God Loves Eve.” You can order this gift from
  • Silver money box: To make it look special, you can decide to customize it with any christening poem of your choice, name of the child, date and place of birth, etc. It is also important that you put money inside as it is not acceptable to present an empty money box.
  • Books: Classical stories like “Peter Pan,” “Oliver Twist,” “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” “The Little Mermaid,” etc. will suffice.
  • Wooden plaque: A painting or carving of words would be suitable on a wooden plaque that can be hung in a corner in the child’s room. 
  • A baby mug: A tiny baby mug with the drawing or picture of an animal or any kind of painting on it is a nice gift. You can as well customize it with anything personal that you see fit.
  • A locket: Inside or on the locket, you can customize it with a name, initials, pictures, etc. 
  • A Quaich: The Quaich, historically, is mostly used at christening ceremonies which serve as a perfect get together for families and friends. It is also known as a love bowl. If you are looking for a gift that exudes tradition, a Quaich is the best option.
  • A card: A card with a wish or statement for the child is another way to express love for the newborn. With a card, it is easy and simple to personalize, and less expensive.
  • Silver egg cup: Silver is known to be a distinct choice of color for ceremonial gifts since the Tudor times because it denotes prosperity. A silver egg cup is small and cute to present at a christening ceremony. They’re not hard to find but you can get a variety of designs on
  • Silver spoon: This is related to the old apothegm, “born with a silver spoon.” It indicates tradition and it is a gift with a strong meaning.
  • Personalized oak letter
  • Personalized mini music box
  • Hashtag card
  • Personalized moon, star and tassel wall hanger on
  • A keepsake
  • Personalized baby polar bear footprint kit
  • A picture frame
  • A hardback book of nursery rhymes
  • Personalized cushion covers 

gifts for christening

If you don’t deem it necessary to get a gift, here are non-gift related ideas on how to make the day special:

  • Money: Before gifting money, you should know the traditions of the parents and also be sensitive. Before writing off the cheque or sealing the envelope, think critically of how the family will take the gesture.
  • You can volunteer to help set the location of the christening, prepare the menu, or assist in any way to ensure that the ceremony starts well and ends well.
  • You can take up the position of an usher when it is time to present the gift items by guiding and arranging the gifts to avoid damage.

A final note

It is necessary to mark every day as important even when there are less favorable days as it is okay to celebrate occasions as they come. Although we can’t celebrate each day with our favorite wine or with our favorite people, on some spectacular and special days, we should allow our hearts to be merry and accept people to rejoice with us. It’d be a nice gesture to involve the best people in our lives as we celebrate these days and accept their generosity towards us in material and cash gifts, no matter how quaint or unneeded. 


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