Do You Buy Gifts for Vow Renewals?

Giving gifts isn’t customary in a vow renewal celebration. In a vow renewal, the couple has established a life together: therefore, guests should not be expected to bring gifts, unlike weddings where gifts are given to help the couple adjust to their new life together. However, depending on how close you are to the couple, you could get them gifts to celebrate the renewal of their vows.  

Types of gifts for a vow renewal

Anniversary-type gifts

Gifts renewal

Since a vow renewal could also mean an anniversary celebration, you could get anniversary gifts. If they’re celebrating 25-years together, the customary gift should be made of silver. Examples of these gifts are:

  • Silver two peas in a pod necklace on
  • Silver plate embossed with their monogram and date
  • A customized T-shirt with an inscription, like “We still do.” 

Depending on the anniversary year, the gifts could be made of paper, wood – it could even be spirits if it’s the 17th anniversary. 

gift vow renewal

Other types of gifts that can be presented at a vow renewal include:

  • Cards: A card is also a gift on its own unless you would like to give other gifts alongside the card.  Giving the couple a greeting card to express how happy you are for them and wishing them the best is a peculiar gesture. What happens if you can’t get a vow renewal card? You could get a blank card and share your joy. Congratulate them on the years spent together and express your best wishes for the years to come.
  • A gift card: You can present the couples with a gift card to their favorite restaurant, cinema, or store.
  • A bottle of wine: For couples who do not request to be gifted or do not want gifts on the invitation, a bottle of wine would be appropriate, especially if you don’t want to go in empty-handed.
  • Personalized leather vow book: You can have their vows embossed with their names, initials or date. This is a beautiful gift to express your joy about the longevity of their marriage. 
  • Personalized we still do wedding horseshoe: The horseshoe can be personalized with the name of the couples, for example, Mr.  & Mrs. Connor including the line “we still do.” It’s a heart-melting gift that never gets old. 
  • Personalized wood wall art: For lovers of antique-like decorations or artistic couples, this is the perfect gift to present at their vow renewal. You just brought them something very close to their heart. In order to retain the beauty of the wooden piece, it is best personalized with the first letter of each couple’s name. For example: G+C, and the date below the initials.
  • A vow renewal can coolers: This well-thought out gift can be personalized with a vow renewal related line like: “I still do,” or “I do, again,” with their wedding or vow renewal date beneath the line.
  • Shot glasses: Shot glasses are a great idea for a vow renewal gift. They can be embossed with anything you prefer or go for the regular inscriptions.
  • Vow renewal ceremony fork: This a beautiful customary gift perfect for a vow renewal. It can be customized with anything you’d prefer.
  • Photo album: You can surprise the couple with a picture they don’t know exists or they’ve probably forgotten about, from their days of courtship, their wedding picture, or from the time they just met. Gifts like this are usually treasured.
  • Crystal vase: The traditional gift for a 15 year anniversary is the crystal, so if the couples have been married for 15 years, it is customary that you present something crystal; in this case, a crystal vase is a beautiful gift that would suffice.
  • Uncommon questions conversation starters for couples: One of the major reasons for a vow renewal is to reignite the fire of the relationship if it seems to be burning out. This uncommon question conversation starter with a deck of 200 cards drives couples to explore each other’s childhood, memories, tight spots, weaknesses and strengths. It renews the spark of every relationship. This gift can be found on
  • Bath bomb gift set: This gift is the best for relaxing. If you know a workaholic couple who needs a moment of pampering and relaxation, this bath bomb gift set is the best gift set to present to them. See it on
  • Personalized push-pin world map: This is a well-thought gift for couples who love traveling or are always on the road. It will help them tick off all the places they’ve been and set goals for where to go next.
  • A leather-bound journal: This is a symbolic gift to present to couples at a vow renewal ceremony. It is a great way to express your love and gladness for a couple.

If you’d prefer not to present a gift at the vow renewal ceremony you’ve been invited to, here’s a list of simple gestures to show your love to the couples.

  • Donations: Although it may seem as a non-gift gesture, it’s still a very appreciable and kind gesture. It would make the couple happy and go a long way. You could make a donation in the name of the couple to the organization they support or own, orphanage homes, or any organization that could make good use of the donation.
  • A cash gift: A cash gift is another gift to present to a couples, especially if it has been written on the invitation not to come with gifts. If it feels weird or extra, you can decide to just be present. But everyone loves a cash gift!

A final note 

Although it might seem insignificant to bring gifts to vow renewals, there is an importance attached to a vow renewal. It is a ceremony of hope and love. If you’ve been invited, it is polite to attend, because your presence alone is a gift. And gifts are ways with which we show love and express our sincere gladness to the couples as they’ve decided to tie the knot again and renew their vows. 

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