Do you Buy Gifts for Your Boss?

Buying a gift for your boss may sound ridiculous and unethical, especially if your boss is of the opposite sex. But, it is perfectly okay to get your boss a gift for certain occasions. 

There are occasions like birthdays, festivals, life events, holidays and end of the year sessions that your boss may wish to celebrate with the inclusion of his/her staffers, your mind will race around ideas on what to buy: should you go for something humorous, professional or a gadget? This is especially hard if he/she is an important aspect of your career.

Questions to ask yourself before getting any gift are: Would I like to make a huge impression on your boss without going bankrupt? Would I like to buy your boss a gift but do not know what to buy? Would I rather not buy my boss a gift but still love to do something? Here, we will answer all your questions and ease your mind. 

Before you do anything at all, you need to understand who your boss is. Does he/she love fashion, food, or simple gestures of love? Is your boss an athlete? This is the key to knowing what your boss would appreciate.

If you’re buying a gift for your boss, listed below are affordable gifts your boss would love no matter how hard to please he/she might be. 

Do you buy gifts for your boss1

1. Personalized black leather business card holder

This special gift has a hint of professionalism and doesn’t seem personal. It helps your boss store several business cards in the case. It is useful and unique and can be ordered from

2. Coffee sampler set

If your boss is a lover of chocolate or a coffee addict, there is no better gift to present than a coffee sampler set. It shows that you understand your boss. Help them stay alert at work and less groggy with six types of flavoured coffee.  

3. Posture corrector cushion

If your boss has a bad sitting posture like slumping over the desk, this posture corrector cushion helps them to sit well all day comfortably without any inconvenience. 

4. Productivity planner

In the place of several cut cardboards or notes, a simple productivity planner will suffice. It manages the thoughts, ideas and activities of your boss neatly in one place. You can get this gift by placing your order on

5. Amazon Kindle

This is the appropriate gift to present to a bookworm boss who values books more than he/she values anything else.

6. Personalized mug

Everyone likes a mug that conveys speciality and a sense of belonging. There are lots of ways to personalize a mug, including words, pictures and a smiley. Also, remember not to cross ethical lines when customizing it.

7. Recipe box

Does your boss like to cook? Is he/she a food lover? If the answer is yes, then all you can ever do to make him/her happy is to gift them a recipe box where all their food ideas can be stored.

8. LED message board and Alarm clock

Although your boss may have an alarm clock already, this smart clock permits you to write reminders when the alarm goes off, and it lights up the reminder. It’s the best gift for forgetful bosses. You can find this on 

9. PowerCore portable charger

This helps your boss to move around with a portable charger. If your boss is always moving around, this is a practical gift he/she would appreciate. 

10. Phone sanitizer and charger

This device rids the touchscreen of phones of germs while at the same time charging the phone. This is the perfect gift for your boss especially if he/she is super hygienic.  

11. Pouch bag

Does your boss carry notepads and tablets in his hand all the time? If so, buying a pouch bag is a reasonable gift to get your boss since it relieves them of the stress of carrying stuff in their hands all the time.

12. Tickets to a game

Instead of buying a gift that will either wear out and get lost or broken, tickets to a game are better gifts depending on who your boss is because these events leave a lifetime impression.

13. Cheese and cracker serving board

Your boss will definitely love a classy serving board if he/she likes to entertain or enjoy the best things of life and especially if he’s a wino. 

14. Shoulder massager

We all understand the tension and stress of being a boss and the strains it puts on the muscles, but massaging the shoulder of your boss is a sure ticket to getting fired from work. Instead, buy a shoulder massager to do the work. It’s more sensible that way.

15. Desktop golf

One of the major qualities of golf is its ability to calm the mind of the player, help him/her to concentrate and use their brain. What other gift would suit your boss better than desktop golf? 

If you’d rather do something non-gift related, here is a list of ideas your boss would love:

1. Redecorate his/her office

You can take away the plain office decoration and replace them with colourful and interesting accessories with the help of DIY crafts.

2. Volunteer during events

If there’s a skill you understand perfectly that could cut cost for any event happening at work – for instance, catering or decorating – you can volunteer to take it on yourself. Just make sure you do an excellent job.

Do you buy gifts for your boss3

A final note 

Buying a gift for your boss is a mind-boggling, tricky exercise where you try to decipher the mood of your boss and how your gift may appeal to him. The best thing to do is to understand who your boss is, his preferences and tastes so you can get an appropriate gift.

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