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March 22: Celebrate World Water Day

March 22: Celebrate World Water Day

Celebrate World Water Day What does water signify in your life? The purest drink replenishes us, nourishes us when we eat cooked food, and cleanse us from bacteria and impurities. A bath in beautiful bodies of water like seas, lakes, and rivers refreshes our human spirit. In many religions, water is used to bless people, and is considered a healing liquid. Today is World Water Day. The international community headed by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development came up with the idea of promoting the importance of freshwater worldwide. That conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil gave birth to the resolution to appoint March 22 as World Day of Water (original name). The first celebration was on March 22, 1993. Nowadays, many people live without water; one in three people don’t have safe and clean water to drink. Can you imagine an area in the world where water will be lacking for 5.7 billion people? And they will have a water shortage in at least one month in a year? The UN projects will happen in 2050 if we don’t act now. We have to contribute to this cause in our own way. Let’s celebrate World Water Day by doing our part in solving this water crisis.

How to celebrate this special day

Our earth is composed of 75 percent water. And yet we, humans, seem to lack it. This is a dire circumstance especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when the first line of defense to the virus was thorough hand-washing with soap and water. How do we celebrate this special day? Every year, the United Nations has a theme for the observance of this holiday – to invite us to promote so we can all make a difference in this cause. Beginning in 2018, the organization laid out its ambitious initiative for the entire decade named International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-28. The initiative highlights the proper usage and sustainable development of our water sources, the implementation of water-related programs, and cooperation among global stakeholders to achieve goals and targets. In our daily lives, not just every 22nd of March, we should promote the right way to use water. Let’s talk about the water crisis with our co-workers, our friends, and our family. This is a global problem that we can tackle together. Shifting our focus from the big things to the small and manageable things will help push the cause further, especially when we engage children. Let’s make sure they don’t get overwhelmed with the enormous task at hand. We can start with baby steps like using a water basin when washing our hands instead of letting the water run continuously from the faucet. The same goes for flushing, we can reduce our flushing by using water containers instead. These are simple tasks the children can do. With its #EveryDropCounts movement, the United Nations is making it easier for us, for everyone – men, women, children, differently-abled people, the young and old, and local and indigenous peoples to cooperate with each other to achieve our global goals.

3 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day

  1. Get updates on the water crisis

    The great part of this advocacy is being informed about what’s happening around the world with regard to the water situation. The United Nations is a reliable resource of information to check out. You can make this the children’s homework for today.
  2. Conserve water at home

    Change starts at home. Modeling best practices in water conservation for the children and the rest of your family is important. Set an example of washing dishes, watering plants, and cleaning without wasting a ton of water. By training your children, you will be changing habits that will help them in their future.
  3. Promote water crisis awareness

    Celebrate this important awareness day with your family and community. Whether you want to spread information/updates on your social media or organize a charity event in your area, your contribution to the effort will ripple out to the local and global community. Promote water crisis awareness

3 gifts to celebrate World Water Day

  1. Give clean water by donating

    To celebrate World Water Day is to be in fellowship with human beings around the world, many of them may not have access to clean water. When you donate to organizations that go on the ground and make water wells for communities that experience water shortage, you are doing your part.
  2. Give tree seedlings

    Planting more trees have many benefits including giving us more clean water in our neighborhood. Today is the perfect time to give tree seedlings to your neighbors. Your children can distribute them in various houses to spread awareness in your community about the water crisis. tree seedlings
  3. Give awareness shirts

    Giving shirts to your family and friends about water conservation is a worthwhile information drive to take part in. As you distribute these gifts, include brochures or website links to information sources on how to conserve water in your community and beyond.

Celebrate World Water Day every year

According to the United Nations resolution dated February 12, 2014, water for drinking and sanitation is a human right. Recognizing that water is a basic need that most of us are privileged to have daily while others suffer from lack of it is important. We are in a position where we can help our fellow human beings survive, escape poverty, and thrive through water sustainability. Let’s celebrate World Water Day every single year without fail. Remember our decade goal with the UN? Until 2028 and beyond, let’s help further this cause by doing our part.

FAQs about World Water Day

  1. How can a student save water?

    There are many practical ways to save water including turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or after food preparation. Always use containers to save water.
  2. Will water ever run out?

    It’s in the nature of water to evaporate but the earth completely running dry may never happen. However, there is freshwater shortage in many parts of the world because 50 percent of freshwater comes from only six countries.

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