How to Get Him to Celebrate Halloween With You

Trick or treat! It’s that time of the year again. The smell of sweets and thrill hangs in the air. The kids are excited. You’re excited. Your husband is excited as well – or at least you expect he should be, but, shocker, he’s not .

Halloween is that time of year where we get to celebrate and have fun without the boundaries of culture, religion, beliefs, or race. Not many like to celebrate Halloween, but once they have been enlightened on the fun of this celebration, they might give it a chance. Most of the time, this is all they is need – a trial that will most likely convince him to keep looking forward to the next Halloween.

The shocker…

Typical, most men don’t fancy this sort of thing as they believe it to be a “child’s sport” or a foolish game of pranks. In fact, if he doesn’t fancy the idea for a bit, and you come to talk of participation or involvement, that idea in itself could nauseates and repulse him.

 halloween shock

To make matters worse, he’s not looking forward to Halloween!

In fact, he doesn’t want to speak of it and doesn’t want it to be spoken of. He cannot wait for Halloween to roll past, and he wants to spend the holiday indoors, lying low with everyone lying low alongside him, pretending Halloween doesn’t exist, pretending it’s just another day of the week.

You want to be mad at him for refusing to celebrate Halloween with you – you’re a sucker for parties, events and holidays. Everyone knows you for that, everyone knows you never miss a chance to host, gather, and feed family, loved ones and acquaintances.

You want to wrestle him on this, but you can’t because deep in your heart of hearts you know his reason why. Maybe a bunch of kids got into a freak accident last year while trick or treating. Maybe someone got poisoned or hurt. Maybe he just simply thinks it’s stupid. o

But he won’t turn a blind eye anymore to the fact that the neighborhood kids are more than a little extra, and may take things too far with their jokes and fun – playing wild without ever pausing to consider the consequences of their actions.

But all hope isn’t lost yet.

Some ideas on getting him to celebrate Halloween

  • You can still celebrate Halloween with your husband and kids; surrounded by friends and loved ones. So be gentle and composed. Make an effort to remind him of the good old days, the childhood years you both spent together with both your close-knit families, relishing and celebrating the holidays and special times together – like the day your brother got accepted to Princeton or that time his sister got into that prestigious, exclusive cooking school.
  • You can remind him that you had your first kiss at one of the Halloween parties both your families hosted. Remind him of the inexplicable fun you both basked in as kids and teenagers and nostalgically as adults.
  • Don’t be all sharp-elbowed. He loves you, you ought to remember that. He’s only trying to protect you, look after you all, keep his family safe.
  • The best foot you can put forward right about now is by painting a fresh, new perspective without losing the essence of why hallowing can be a good time of bonding with the kids and you as well.
  • And you can show him that party or not, all-out celebration or not, you love, respect and cherish him these votive candles and lighting the house up with them on Halloween night, just as he lights up your heart every night, every moment of every day

He’s a man, and this is his own way of showing that he cares.

You may think this whole macho protector act overbearing, but he wants the utmost, utter best for you, and this is his own way of making that clear.

A great gift for Halloween 

A great gift for Halloween

What better gift would touch him, get him all softened up, get his rigid mind changed, and remind him of the beauty and warmth of Halloween?

And it’s the perfect deal for your wallet too, a box of 72 beautiful natural ivory candles going for such a cheap price. They feature a 10-hour burn time and an antique traditional look. They appear more rustic and neutralize after being lit, and they’re packaged in a strong box to ensure you get them in perfect condition. And the best part: they fit into just about any standard votive holder! See it on

Happy Halloween!


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