How to Get Him to Celebrate Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving again – that sacred time of the year. Thanksgivings are a reminder that we have more to be thankful for than we have to be sad about. It is a time to be grateful, to focus on the idea that the “glass is half full.” This is also significant because it gives us an opportunity to have a positive outlook on life without being blinded by the horrors that surround us daily.

Even though Thanksgiving has been relegated to being celebrated on a particular day, it is important that we show gratitude every day of our lives. If we are conscious enough to take stock, we would discover that we have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to be grateful for.

This is a time for celebrating the harvests and blessings of the past year, a time for celebrating the special people in your life and the special moments you’ve had with them. It’s the time to plan the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, to take a walk down memory lane, to think long and hard and excitedly about the things you’re grateful for, the moments you’re grateful for, and the people you’re grateful for.

It’s time to host the perfect Thanksgiving dinner!

You’re excited, as you should be, because it’s Thanksgiving, and as the name implies it’s time for the giving of thanks the showing of gratitude. Time to celebrate with family, friends and loved one – even that feisty colleague who often tries to one-up you before the boss.


But your boyfriend isn’t on the same page as you, and you’re shocked that he isn’t brimming and overflowing with the same excitement and energy that you are. We understand that this can be disappointing. But do not be discouraged, disappointed or let down. You want to celebrate Thanksgiving with the man you love standing by your side, and can still host and celebrate Thanksgiving together.

What you can do to get him to celebrate Thanksgiving

  • You can sit with him and have a heart-to-heart with him. You need to not make too much of a deal out of this or fret over it. People are just different, after all. We come from different places and we’ve lived different lives and see things differently.
  • He may not have grown up in a large home with large celebrations and love and laughs. You need to make sure you don’t fault him for that, or make him feel guilty or inadequate.
  • Remind him how much Thanksgiving means to you and your loved ones.
  • Conversely, remind him that life is like a burning candle, and you want to spend every moment with him, being happy with him, celebrating with him, showing gratitude to him, and aging with him by your side.
  • Make sure you hold your insight on why this celebration is important ’till he sees the light, and he has been translated from the darkness of doubt to this light. You cherish him and you want to remind him that just like every American out there – young or old – chooses to celebrate the amazing people in their life, you also joined in the spirit of celebration to celebrate thanksgiving with him.

The importance of Thanksgiving

  • It is important enough to give thanks and celebrate giving thanks – to give thanks with joy and with laughter, with love and with warmth and with good cheer. This is Thanksgiving! The positive,  sacredly holiday where we celebrate gratitude, something that we don’t do enough. We don’t get enough of these days because we barely get the time, and Thanksgiving reminds us to make that time.
  • It is important enough to gather everyone and express gratitude. Thanksgiving has been a harbinger of interconnectedness among different people from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life, as people gather and focus on the beautiful things of life. It gives you the time to focus on positive things in life like good health and graduations.

A great gift to give him for Thanksgiving 

Grateful words are priceless but to crown them with a “gift” will be like adding icing to a cake. It will just be the perfect combination.

And what better way to show your love and gratitude for him than with a gift? What says, “Thank you for being in my life, for loving me and letting me love you?” What could be sweeter and more thoughtful than channeling into passions?

celebrate thanksgiving

One amazing that would appeal to many is the Cowin E7 headphones

This gift will not only scream love, but it shows the sense of acceptance and regard for someone who means so much to the other and these are things that cannot be bought with money but can be shown through kind gestures and a show of affection.

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