How to Get Him to Celebrate Your Accomplishments

If you’re afraid your boyfriend might not celebrate your birthday with you this year, you’ve come to the right place. The thought of it alone is crippling.

Some birthdays would not rather be celebrated if they are not celebrated with the right person or the right persons. The venue could be exquisite. The attire could be perfect. The ambiance could be right. The reason for celebration might not be questioned, nonetheless, it would just be an ordinary celebration without the participation of some people or a person that means the world to you.

You can’t bear the thought of what that could mean, and it scares you thoroughly, scares you deeply.

That’d be a terrible birthday, wouldn’t it? Without the love of your life, the man who steals your smiles and has sealed your heart from any other but him, who makes you laugh and waves all of your sorrows, nightmares, and insecurities away with a flip of his hand celebrating with you.

Without mincing words, you know it’ll be. It’s like you have been put into an unfavorable position and that is not a good place to be. Your words seem to be bouncing off whenever they have been spoken and you are doing everything you know to do and yet none of it is appreciated. You have spoken to friends and families for counsel and some gave some amazing ideas, but nothing seems to be working, in fact – it looks like things are beginning to get out of hand.


You’ve just had that big fight where he pointed a finger in your face, accused you of being selfish, self-centered. He said some hurtful and untrue things. You’re hurting, yes, but so is he – way more than you are. Empathy is the way to go here.

By forging an unbreakable bond called love, you have given up the policy that says “I will put myself above my soul mate.”

It also means forgoing all feelings of resentments, past or present hurt that you might have experienced or that has been held against each other.

It’s not going to be easy and anyone who told you it’s going to be lied to you. These things are harder than they look, the cut is deeper than they always appear on the surface, but if you are willing to put aside your misunderstandings, the “rainbow will shine again.”

Try to put yourself in his shoes. Try to find the root of your issues. Try to find a remedy for whatever caused you to fight in the first place.

Encourage him

Encourage to celebrate

It’s important that you educate him about his status in your life, his place (which is cemented) in your heart. That’s the thing with love and that innate need for continuous affirmation.

Afraid he might be feeling hesitant, need the perfect gift to inspire him, to show him that he’s first, he comes first always, that your dreams are his dreams, your losses his loss, your gains his gains, our accomplishments his accomplishments, your successes his successes, your pride his pride, and your world is his whole wide world.

If you love something, you will fight for it even if it means getting him a gift of something he has always wanted as a kid or something he desires very much that the mere mention of it gets him excited. If he couldn’t afford it, or was denied of it, then this is your chance to give him the treat of a lifetime.

But even better than telling is showing, and the best version of love that was ever produced by entwined hearts is the “art of showing which supersedes saying or telling.” What better way to give him assurance, to show him how much he means to you, what better way of saying, “Cheers to us, because we are one than the show of affection so, say no more – it’s time to demonstrate and show how much you love him.

Some ideas on a great gift to celebrate your accomplishments 

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