How to Make Him Celebrate His Recovery

So the love of your life has just had a surgery and has come out alive and unscathed.

Congratulations to you both. It couldn’t have been easy – the endless worrying, the lonely nights punctuated by that thorough, unholy sleeplessness only people who’ve ever faced the fear of losing a loved one could possibly understand. The pacing back and forth in the hospital room and the phone calls from family, friends and loved ones, calls which were supposed to be reassuring but only made you dread the probable loss and grief promising to wash over you like a tidal wave.

But it’s all over now, and you cannot even begin to thank your stars that you’ve both come out of this unscathed.


The disappointment…

Now here you are, fancying a small get-together in his name. You want to celebrate his recovery, throw a small party in honor of his recuperation, but he won’t hear of it. He’s reluctant and wordless. He shuts down, turns away, becomes closed off every time time you so much as bend toward the topic.

This could be quite disappointing and frustrating for you because you simply want to make him happy and remind him that he is loved, cared for and being rooted for.

But it’s not a hopeless cause, so don’t be hopeless. You can still throw him the perfect recovery party.

You can still remind him that life is still worth celebrating especially a life that has gone through the slim chance of life and death and that he is a survivor that is worth celebrating.

A little understanding is necessary…

You should, of course, understand that it also hasn’t been easy for him over the past few days. In fact, it’s been harder for him. Try to put yourself in his shoes. He’s been in a lot of pain, most of which is unimaginable to you. He’s been in and out of the OR, he’s had to survive through the smell of cheap disinfectant and overly scented plants. He’s been prodded and dissected by complete strangers. He’s weak, tired, eating less and focused on recovering. Also, you might be oblivious to this, but he’s probably feeling less like less of a man, too.

So it’s understandable that you’re in a difficult place right now. And we’ve all been there – truly wanting and trying time and again to help a loved one, and being turned dow every time.

Here are some suggestions to overcome that:

  • Remind him how much you care for him, how readily you’d move heaven and earth to make him happy, how all you want to do is to put a smile on his face.
  • Listen to him, too. Listen to his wants, needs, doubts, fears, thoughts and concerns. Empathize with him with your words and your actions, and let him know that you’re holding on to him dearly.
  • Remind him of the joys of living, the joys of life. Yes, it’s been a rather painfully difficult experience for him, but the worst is far behind, and he’s here now. He might not be on his feet yet, he might not be speaking strongly and laughing loudly enough, or at all yet, but he’s alive. He’s breathing, seeing, feeling, and thinking. Celebrate that within itself.
  • Please don’t be pushy. Don’t pressure him and don’t be too insistent, or at all harsh. Remember that he’s just come out of surgery. Be gentle, be patient and be understanding. Stand by him with your words, and more importantly, with your actions.
  • Be vulnerable with him and show him that it’s ok for him to be vulnerable with you too. Don’t shame him for being sensitive and don’t shy away from his vulnerability. Instead, welcome it wholeheartedly and with open arms. Talk about how important his recovery means to you, how the fear of losing him kept you up at night. Help him feel deeply, understand deeply, and appreciate deeply your new realization: that you both took the little things for granted, that you both didn’t celebrate the little things which at the end of the day make up the big things, or didn’t celebrate them enough. Tell him you’re looking to make amends. Tell him it’s not too late to start now. Tell him you want to make the most of every moment, every second, and every breath you have left with him.
  • Rest assured that if you do all of these and do them right, you’ll convince your boyfriend that a recovery party is just the perfect thing to inspire and remind him of the joys of living and loving with family and friends.


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