How to Make Him Celebrate Your Birthday

For a lot of us, A “birthday” means happy tears and heartfelt wishes, cute ribbons tied impeccably over presents of all shapes, bright smiles, bright voices, and overall a big, bright, bubbling day.

Why should anyone celebrate their birthday?

Well, why not? Why shouldn’t everyone have the choice of celebrating their birthday if they choose to? They should be able to mark each year of celebrating the day they escaped their mother’s womb. Some people will go to a great length to celebrate their birthdays. Some will spend a fortune without batting an eye lid when they want to celebrate their birthdays, while some people won’t spend a dime or a penny when their birthday approaches, even on the particular day – they couldn’t care less when such matters are brought up.

celebrate your birthday

Why do some people choose not to celebrate their birthday?

It may come as a surprise to you when you encounter people who don’t celebrate big days (theirs or others). People who just aren’t into birthdays, who are just not crazy about “stuff like that” and so on.

We can easily overlook this disinterest in celebrating official days that are generic like Independence Day, but we become concerned or maybe even perplexed if the person involved here is someone who we are affectionate towards or when that person is our romantic partner or significant other, what are we to do?

The downside when we have a lover/partner who doesn’t celebrate birthdays…

It can be difficult, disappointing and frustrating to love a person who isn’t big on birthdays, a person in for who birthdays just don’t mean much. This is especially hard if grew up with a background that was big on making birthdays special. But no need to worry! There sure are ways to help your boyfriend in seeing the light and joy of making the most of your birthday, because love is love, after all, and when all is said and done, love bends over backward, love tries to understand and does understand, love shares, love shines and love flies.

What can you do?

So, how do you get your boyfriend to understand that your fancy for a beautiful birthday celebration isn’t merely a childish whim that you’ve failed to outgrow? That celebrating birthday isn’t about how young or how a person is, but the significance that that day holds for you?

Birthdays means a lot to a lot of people, so you don’t have to be apologetic about that.

The first thing you should understand is that people are different. Nature versus nurture, you know the argument. Some are born different, some are raised differently, and for some, it’s a rather frothy mix of both. Some people weren’t raised in big homes that were eager to dig into their pockets every year and plan the perfect surprise birthday party. And some people with large families didn’t have deep enough  pockets. It really could be a number of things – being raised in a broken home, a busy home, being raised by indifferent parents, struggling parents, etc.

In either of these circumstances, your boyfriend might not have had a chance at experiencing the sheer joy of celebrating one’s birthday – the joy of being celebrated by one’s family, friends and loved ones. And so you must try to understand that it isn’t an inherent fault of his. This dislike or indifference toward your big day (and of his, and of others as well) was more or less conditioned into him. The good thing about conditioning is that we can always unlearn them and relearn. It’s the one true beauties of life: our ability to change and progress.

celebrate your birthday

Be empathetic

So don’t be dramatic! Don’t accuse him of not loving you (enough). Don’t accuse him of not feeling the world as deeply (and joyfully) as you do. Don’t make him feel bad or guilty. Don’t sulk and don’t exaggerate your dissatisfaction for his disregard of your big day.

Instead, sit him down and have a gentle but candid talk with him. Be soft but firm. Take the scales off of his eyes; unveil them. Help him see how much being celebrated on your birthday means to you, and how much more it would mean to you if he celebrated with you, too.

Don’t be judgmental, don’t be defensive, and don’t be impatient. You want to sound enlightened without sounding complacent, urgent without sounding desperate. These things are hardly black or white, you see. They take time, and he might not see the light overnight, but rest assured that if you’re open enough about it (and if he loves you just enough), he’ll see how much this means to you.

Put your worries aside if your birthday has already passed. It shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t mean that the world has come to an end. He can still take you picnicking at the beach under the starry night skies, or to that new Italian restaurant a few blocks down that your friends just won’t stop raving about. And if you’re excited about gifts than dates and outings, you already know what gift you want! And what you want, what you need, and what best he can get for you. 


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So, happy birthday to you, and may the odds ever be in your favor.

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