Top Anniversary Gifts by Year

Each year that you’re married carries a certain significance.

This is usually reflected in the gifts you and your spouse give each other.

However, it’s not always easy to know what to give. Do you give a copper gift first, or should it be bronze?

Since the last thing you want to do is give your spouse the wrong gift, here’s a list that will help you keep it straight. 

First anniversary

Paper is the traditional gift after one year of marriage, but this doesn’t mean giving your spouse a gifted-wrapped paper towel.

A great paper anniversary gift can be a gift card to a favorite store, coffee shop, or restaurant. 

Second anniversary

There’s a reason cotton is often given as a second anniversary gift.

It’s durable and encourages a couple to grow closer – similar to woven threads.

You can also give your spouse a cotton shirt or replace old bath towels.

A more romantic gift is matching cotton robes. 

Third anniversary

By your third anniversary, your marriage has survived a few ups and downs.

It’s durable and has the strength to survive.

This is why leather is the traditional gift on this anniversary.

Surprise your spouse with a purse or leather briefcase. 

Fourth anniversary

You’ve been together for four years, and your marriage has started to blossom.

This is the significance of the gift of fruit and flowers.

If you want to combine both fruit and flowers into a single gift, take your spouse on a tour of a winery.

If there isn’t a winery nearby, you can substitute that with a romantic evening at home and your favorite bottle of wine. 

Fifth anniversary

Giving wood as an anniversary present after five years together might seem like an insignificant gift.

However, wood symbolizes wisdom, strength and time – all necessary for a successful marriage.

If you don’t want to give a wood sculpture as a present, take your spouse to the park or a nearby forest. 

Sixth anniversary

Candy or iron is the traditional gift on the sixth wedding anniversary.

Iron symbolizes the strength of your marriage, while candy symbolizes how sweet your relationship is.

You can give your spouse a box of candy or take part in a tour of a chocolate factory. 

If your gift is iron, golf clubs are a great idea. 

Seventh anniversary

A gift made out of copper symbolizes the warmth of the relationship after seven years, and so does a gift made out of wool.

Both are traditionally given on the seventh year anniversary.

Blankets made from wool and copper mugs or flower pots are a few gift ideas. 

Eight anniversary

Bronze is a blend of copper and tin. It represents luck and durability.

The blending of the two metals together to form bronze represents the union of your marriage.

When it comes to giving your spouse a bronze gift, the possibilities are almost endless.

There are bronze sculptures, jewelry, pots, mugs and even dishes. 

Ninth anniversary

Pottery of any type is appropriate on your ninth anniversary.

It shows how your marriage has turned into something beautiful.

Along with giving pottery, you and your spouse can also sign up for a class. This way you can create something beautiful together. 

10th anniversary

Your 10th anniversary is special. You’ve been together for a decade.

Since this is a double-digit anniversary, it’s fitting that there are two traditional gifts: tin and aluminum.

Tin represents longevity since it doesn’t rust. Aluminum is a flexible material that represents the compromises you both make. 

20th anniversary

After 20 together, your marriage is beautiful, yet delicate.

This is what china represents.

When you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift, it can be anything from a new china set to having tea at a traditional Chinese teahouse. 

30th anniversary

It can take decades for a pearl to materialize.

This is why it is symbolic of your 30 year marriage.

It also symbolizes the beauty and maturity of your relationship.

Pearl jewelry is always appropriate.

This includes cuff links and tie clips.

Clothing with pearl buttons also symbolizes love.

If you want to try something different, you can enjoy dinner at an upscale seafood restaurant. 

35th anniversary

Coral symbolizes longevity and strength, which is what your marriage has endured.

After 35, you’ve shown the strength of your love.

Along with a coral necklace, you can give your spouse a gift with a nautical theme.

If you want an adventure, go snorkeling near a coral reef. 

40th anniversary

A ruby represents your love and passion for each other after 40 years.

It’s an appropriate symbol and the gift ideas for it are almost endless.

You can give jewelry or cuff links.You can also enjoy each other’s company over a bottle of red wine. 

45th anniversary

By the time you’ve been together 45 years, you’ll understand why the sapphire is the traditional gift for this year.

It represents your continued love for each other.

While sapphire jewelry is appropriate, it’s not your only option.

Sapphire blue clothes, vases and mugs can also symbolize your love for your spouse. 

50th anniversary

This is a milestone anniversary.

You’ve been together for 50 years.

This special anniversary deserves a special gift.

Traditionally, gold is given as a gift for this year.

It represents prosperity, wisdom, strength and the significance of your anniversary. 

Jewelry is always a nice gift, along with decorative boxes and gold-rimmed vases. 

The perfect anniversary gift

Every year that you’re married is significant. Each year your marriage grows stronger and the traditional gifts reflect this. You start off with paper in your first year, but grow into gold on your 50th anniversary.

Your gift should not only reflect the length of your marriage, but also its nature. Not everyone wants jewelry or bottles of wine. When you really think about it, you’ll know exactly what to get your spouse for your anniversary. 

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