What’s Important About the 7th Year Birthday

Birthdays, you may think, are a waste of time, energy and money. However, we bet you would be putting smiles on the faces of virtually everyone who would be present that day and most importantly, your child.

What better way to make your child happy on his or her special day?

A birthday is an occasion to celebrate life itself, to celebrate another year in good health, to celebrate our personalities and most importantly, to appreciate ourselves for all the progress. A birthday is not just an occasion for gifts and eating cake, but a moment to see the world again for another year.

Many people believe it is not necessary or important to celebrate birthdays, while some believe it’s either you go grand while celebrating your birthday, or you don’t celebrate at all.

As a parent, understand your child and invite them to plan the party with you. They’re the only that understand what they want and why they want it. It’s the best thing you can do to save yourself from extra stress and headache

You might feel overwhelmed by the thought of your credit card and planning, especially if you’re not a party person. The good news is children don’t really care about what kind of party they’re having either big or small, what matters to them is the excitement that they’re acknowledged, loved and made the center of attention. It could be blowing out the candles on a cake, saying a wish, or eating the cake – as long as it’s happening because of them, all is settled.

The most important thing is that the child feels loved, included, focused on and respected –not the posh party venue or the yummy cake or the number of people gathered. Birthdays are a grand way of celebrating your child and appreciating your efforts.

What is important about the age of seven 

In the ’40s and ’50s, it used to be believed by pediatricians that it is better to feed your child with formula than breastfeed them, and that holding your child too much will get them spoiled. Today, both theories have been discarded, renounced and replaced.

As a parent, there are questions, fears, frustrations and other feelings that come with parenting. That you wonder if there’s a guide book on how to be a great parent. But the answer, like several aspects of child upbringing, is a full grey are. It is not always black and white direct,  or straightforward.

It is said that the most crucial and important aspect of a child’s life occurs at the age of seven. With this theory, parents tend to get anxious and concerned if their seven years old kids do not meet the quota. But it’s just a theory. We are all not the same. Therefore, the first seven years of your child’s life might not mean everything, but they have an important role in the development of your child’s social abilities. 

At this stage, they begin to detach themselves from their primary caregivers to make their own friends and enjoy a company of their own. They also tend to crave acceptance amongst their peer group.

While the first seven years of their lives might not determine how happy they would be, but they’re going to be basis by which their brains creates a foundation on how they communicate and interact with people with respect to how they’re being responded to.

They’re also better equipped with how to handle and express their emotions.

We can’t do it all right, but as parents, we can try our hardest to set up our children for success by providing their needs and being there for them emotionally, physically and mentally, and by relating with them as a dignified and significant adult. 

As kids develop, certain areas of their lives begin to change, mentally, physically and emotionally. There are four main areas to expect changes from: 

  • Cognitive areas: At the age of seven, your child begins to use more words, understand better, increases his or her vocabulary, remember to carry out his assignments, even improve his writing. In all, he’s now matured and older. However, there are some clauses as regards gender. It is ideal for girls to speak and write more words than their male peers.
  • Emotional areas:  Seven years old are more sophisticated in handling their emotions and more verbal in expressing their feelings due to a development in their emotional status. For the boys, they tend to get more withdrawn and cry less, they also tend to handle pain in a way to hide it so as to come off as strong. Girls, on the other hand, are quicker to cry as a means of asking for help. In place of withdrawing, they reach out to bond and be comforted. They also allow their emotions to rise to the surface.
  • Relationships: Kids have at least one friend in their life at this stage. They form deeper bonds and make new friends. They try to fit in and please the significant propel in their lives. 

Things to expect from kids at the age of seven

Motor development 

  • Their hand-eye coordination is well developed
  • Their balance gets solid and firm
  • They develop the ability to execute simple exercises like a backflip.

Language and thought development 

  • Increased use of vocabulary
  • Shows signs of longer attention span
  • Becomes thoughtful and reflective
  • Tells  time, days, months and seasons
  • Ability to solve complex problems

Social development 

  • Emotional response to things and actions
  • Self-criticism
  • Can differentiate between right and wrong
  • Gets easily embarrassed
  • Withdraws from or avoids adults
  • Makes friends easily

Why are these things listed? Because they are what signifies the growth and development of a child. And that is worth celebrating.

There are tons of things to celebrate about the age of six like their growth, development, their skills, their achievements, and even love and care. You would notice that they sometimes put a great amount of attention on their appearance and looks. That is to say, your child is growing.

You should celebrate the gift of life, love, being alive, and making it till that very moment. Raising a child is not an easy task. You should also celebrate your effort and presence in your child’s life. 

Ideas for celebrating a seven year old’s birthday 

Talking about what and where to celebrate, your child is the celebrant, and she’s the only one who knows what she wants. It would be nice to consider her feelings and ask her what she wants. Most importantly, tell her to plan the event with you. 

But then, we would help you with six great ideas.

A dance party

A dance party could liven up the mood a bit. Who doesn’t like to rock their bodies to great beats? Everyone gets to select their favorite song and move as the beat flies through their veins. Even dance can be said to be therapeutically important.

A visit to the gallery

Is he or she a lover of art? Do they love painting or drawing? A trip to the gallery would be the best birthday present ever. It also proves that you’re attentive to their skills and growth, and they always appreciate that.

A movie night

This is just a family affair and a very low-budget party, especially if your child is a quiet one and doesn’t like to be outside or the center of attraction.

A costume party

There are various themes to consider for a costume party. It could be a “Dora the Explorer theme,”  where the celebrant could dress up like Dora. You could have a dinosaur party, where you take your kids down the pre-historic times, or a Wild West theme, where you have them dress like cowboys and girls.

Another wonderful sight to behold is the “Alice in Wonderland” theme. You can make this by adding a touch of red, blue and white drapes, sweets and cakes, giant mushrooms, clocks and chains. If you want to go down the “Aladdin” route, add hanging carpets, large palm tree posters, lanterns, a palace scenery and the like. If your child is a fan of the popular Dr. Seuss books’, you could pick a favorite and make it a theme focused around it. “The Cat in the Hat” would make a lovely birthday hat for the celebrant, and games could be one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. You can also go for a colorful theme like a rainbow theme.

Another theme to keep your guest glued is a Lego theme. Apart from playing Legos, there are other games to play like hide the Lego or how many Legos are in a jar. Incorporating your child’s favorite sport, cartoon character, or color is a key factor when setting up the theme for the birthday party.

The possibilities are endless but make sure the theme is age-appropriate, for example, you would not want to have a scary, haunted theme for the preschoolers.   

A treasure hunt 

Do you know how excited kids will be when? You tell them that they will get to take whatever they find a home. Not only would they be excited, but they will also be pumped to do the task, competitive even. Who doesn’t like a nice toy? How to organize a treasure hunt amongst kids? Simple.

Keep lots of toys hidden in certain areas where it would be easy for them to find. And tell them to go after the toys.

A small party

If your child wants a small gathering of her five little friends, then let it be so. Do not try to talk him/her out of it.

You don’t have to be clueless about what kind of party to throw your child on his her birthday.

Even just waking up and singing “Happy Birthday” is enough to make them realize that they’re the leader of that day.

It’s enough to show how much you care about them to remember their day, it’s enough to express your love and gratitude for their presence in your life.

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