What’s Important About Their 2nd Year Birthday

Birthdays are an important factor of every child’s life. They are an important phase of childhood that encourage socialization and grant exposure to kids.

These events help kids to fit in, make friends, and form bonds without a problem.

Birthdays generally are not a thing that demand extravagant spending and a large crowd.

A birthday party can be just a little party of 10 to 15 guests wishing your child a prosperous year in good health and a sound mind.

Coming up with ideas for birthday parties could sound like you’re planning an event for the arrival of the president. However, it is not that serious.

At age two, kids are majorly concerned about what they want and what they need. They could be viewed as being utterly selfish or spoiled, but do they even know what’s happening? They’re just kids being kids.

Their emotional senses are developing to respond to what they see and hear. One minute they’re all over you, another minute they’re wailing to be free to play around in the open space. At this age, they do not understand the word sharing or feeling in the place of someone else. They may bite, hit, or snatch an object that doesn’t belong to them. At this age, total attention is required, and close monitoring, and safety too.

What to expect at this age:

  • Temper tantrums
  • Development of feelings
  • Simple sentences
  • Progressive movement

As a parent, it is expected of you to read, carry out daily activities, talk, listen and even cook with your child to enhance cognitive development. Everything he learns and assimilates along the line develops his thinking. The way your child plays, speaks, acts, learns and moves are factors that determine the development of your child and provide clues if should certain measures be taken.

Their emotional activities include copying the actions of adults or other older children, which is why we are advised not to perform dangerous activities in their presence. Because in our absence, they go back to it and try to do the same thing. They always get excited when in the midst of other kids.

They learn to communicate by pointing at objects to grab your attention, they tend to touch beautiful drawings in books and they try to speak in three to four words. And also know the names and faces of familiar people. They even try to sing popular songs and rhymes.

They learn to differentiate shapes and colors, build towers and castles, and begin to play with other kids and join them in games. 

At this age, they exhibit the full form of life most people envy. Life is free of worries and problems. Life is full of joy and happiness. 

The importance of this age lies in the mental, physical and emotional development of certain aspects of your child’s growth and their ability to interact in the ways best known to them.

What should be celebrated about this age

Celebrating the age two is one of the numerous ways to show kids what it is to appreciate and celebrate people through special activities. It is also a way to enjoy one day out of all the other days uniquely.

Celebrating a child’s age gives parents the opportunity to shower love, affection, and gifts as a way to express their gratitude for having such a wonderful bounteous gift of life in their lives. Most times, there are no better times as these to make the kids know how important they are. They come to depend on these activities and their repetition.

Benefits of a birthday celebration 

  • Social relationships: Virtually all kids like to be the center of attraction. Just this one day gives them the benefit. Inviting families, friends, coworkers and neighbors helps a child relate through feelings. They get to interact with their peers, make friends and form bonds, and all of these improves how they function socially. 
  • Executive skills: These skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, pay attention, remember instructions, and multitask. In their interaction and relation with people, they tend to develop these skills. Gatherings like birthday events are ways to help kids improve them. It is important for children to exercise these developing skills through social interaction, creative play, teach them how to deal with stress, and establishing routines.
  • Memory formation: Though, at age two, there’s really not much to remember other than your name and your parents’ names in case of emergencies. But from various sources of data, memories can be created. 
  • Perception of time: Kids are not conscious of their growth and age, so they rely on us to provide them an accurate perception of how they grow. Which is why these celebrations are important.
  • Enhancement of confidence: Being the center of attraction boosts the confidence of every child, gives them a sense of achievement, makes them feel like they are in charge. By celebrating them, they feel loved and important thereby strengthening the bond in the family.

How to plan a two-year-old kid’s birthday party

The main thing that plagues the mind of every parent is how to plan the birthday of their two-year-old child, putting into consideration the day, weather, atmosphere, location, safety, guest list and how to steer their child out of trouble.

Trust us, once the day is over, you would wonder what the fuss was all about in the first place.

Nevertheless, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Location: There are actually certain places that aren’t friendly and safe for kids and won’t suit your birthday party. Places like a waterlogged area, a stony ground surface area, a block of uneven concrete, or a place with thorny plants are out of consideration. Still, there are several ways to celebrate this birthday without stress. Do you have a lawn? If so, you can make your lawn a spot for the party. Are you renting a room? Great, make sure it is free of all sharp and harmful objects. Are you hosting an indoor party? You’ll need parental supervision, because you can’t completely rid your house of all harmful objects. You just need to be alert. You can go to a restaurant if it is just going to be a gathering of family and friends, or preferably a park.
  • Games: Build a ball pit, in this case, a mini-sized pit, set up a bubble station, or place dolls around, and cushions.
  • Guest list: You might want to take note of the party guests who are also parents bringing their kids to celebrate. Since you’re providing an atmosphere for both parents and children, you will have to be considerate of both.
  • Decoration: All you need are balloons, toys, cardboard, colored pencils and space to have a colorful environment for your event.
  • Food: The cake is the most traditional item on the list of foods to be available on that day. It’s always decorated and covered with candles signifying the age of the celebrant while the celebrant is asked to make a wish silently and blow out the candle. Traditionally, especially in the western region, the celebrant is given the first piece of the cake. But asides from the cake, there are several food items to include like pizza for the adults and kids who can eat already, drinks (un-spiked), and any other fruity, crunchy and yummy foods that you can include

Ideas to make the best birthday party for your two year old

Birthdays have a large and wide range of how to be celebrated. Birthdays, you may think, are a waste of time, energy, and money, but I bet you are putting smiles on the faces of virtually everyone who would be present that day and most especially your child.

What better way to make your child happy on his or her special day? In the subsequent paragraphs, I will explain the context of birthdays and how to ease your mind by making you understand that you don’t have to pass through any stress or spend more than necessary while making your plans. 

Visit a museum

Is your little one fascinated by art? Or you would like to get your child interested in art? Visiting a museum might be the best idea. You will get to point out a lot of art objects to him/her and get your child to be familiar with the history of certain cultures and races, and even get to take amazing pictures if the museum permits.

Visit a zoo

If your child is an animal lover, where else would he love to be rather a zoo? Besides, every child loves the zoo. The feeling and rush of excitement they get at the sight of each animal is blissful.

Have a party

While thinking about having a party, don’t fret. You know your bank account and your budget, you know what you can afford without having to go broke. So do it your way. Have a little nice party consisting of families and friends. Have a nice time together, enjoy the moment and don’t forget the pictures. They’re vital.

Make a special birthday breakfast

Another thing to have in place of a party is a special birthday breakfast. Breakfast could be something traditional, something you do on special days – a meal you prepare on rare days just to express your love and adoration towards your child. It could be a baked cake with lots of sprinkles, or a soup full of chicken or any nice delicious meal.

Throw a costume party

As opposed to the notion that costumes are majorly worn on Halloween, you can have a costume party to celebrate your child’s age. Kids look really funny and cute in costumes.

Take a trip

As a family, take a trip. You don’t necessarily have to go to the Bahamas. You can take a trip to your hometown, or to a waterfall, a garden, or a cultural center.

Go traditional

By traditional, we mean you could dress up in your native attire, teach your kids one or two things about the history of your race, culture, or dialect.

Make funny hats

Party hats are also beautiful when designed. You can choose to design it with drawings of animals, cakes, or quote.

You might wonder, why to take a two-year-old to the museum or a zoo, when they really won’t remember most of the details, or why bother yourself going extra as to celebrate the birthday of a child who would forget soon what happened?

The child might forget everything, but the sense and feeling of being loved and cherished will linger.

That sense of feeling is what molds their lifestyle later on as they grow into adults.

You are laying a foundation for a happy, healthy, loving child.

Every child deserves a birthday.

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