What’s Important About Their 3rd Year Birthday

It is every parents’ dream to make their child’s birthday a memorable and fantastic one, to make them feel loved, cared for and cherished. To make them feel on top of the world and the center of attraction for at least one day. To create a fun and memorable birthday party for your kid, you need not worry about going overboard or opting for expensive party ideas.

The simplest birthday parties can be fun and exciting too, even if it is just within the walls of your room.

As long there’s a cake, you’re good to go.

So, with one year gone, and another year here, you’ve made it as a parent. You might want to celebrate your efforts of bringing up your child to this very moment.

What is important about the age of 3 

What you should know about your child’s growth and development

Childhood development refers to changes that occur in a child’s cognitive, emotional and social abilities as they grow and develop to be healthy, mentally alert, socially competent and ready to learn.

The emotional, physical, psychological and social welfare of a child has a paramount effect on a child’s overall development and the kind of adult they will grow up to be. This is why it is vital to invest richly in the early stage of a child.

According to neurological research, the early stage of a child’s development plays a very important role in the brain of that child. At this stage, they begin to learn and assimilate everything, create bonds with people, especially our parents. Which is why it is advised that parents create a special bond with their children when they are young.

In reference to the center of the developing child at Harvard University, children are born with a capacity to learn, retain information, and so on but their experiences as early as the first year of life lay a foundation for how well these and other executive function skills develop. Further, into their result, children aren’t born with these skills but the potential to develop them. 

Children’s early experiences deeply affect their cognitive and emotional and social abilities. 

The most important stage for every child is the first to five years of their life. It is the foundation of a healthy, toxic-free, happy, intelligent, growth, development, and learning achievement at Scholl and socially active life outside of school.

Research reveals that although the first five years mold the child’s brain, the first three years act as the brain’s architect. This early stage of growth and experiences is the bedrock of the brain’s organizational development for life.

Ideally, at this age, your child begins to develop his own unique personality by doing things his own way and growing at his own pace. He/she is experiencing a huge change in his/her emotional, physical and social development. 

At this age, here are the developments that take place:

  • The ability to learn new things
  • An increase in vocabulary
  • The freedom to move about
  • Responsibility for self needs

Benefits of a birthday celebration 

  • Cognitive development: Children are born with a capacity to learn, retain information, and so on, but their experiences as early as the first year of life lay a foundation for how well these and other executive function skills develop. Furthermore,  children aren’t born with these skills but with the potential to develop them.
  • Social relationships: Virtually all kids like to be the center of attraction. Just this one day gives them the benefit. Inviting families, friends, coworkers and neighbors helps a child relate through feelings. They get to interact with their peers, make friends and form bonds, and all of these improves how they function socially.
  • Executive skills: These skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, pay attention, remember instructions, and multitask. In their interaction and relation with people, they tend to develop these skills. Gatherings like birthday events are ways to help kids improve them. It is important for children to exercise these developing skills through social interaction, creative play, teach them how to deal with stress, and establishing routines.
  • Memory formation: Though, at age three, there’s really not much to remember other than your name and your parents’ names in case of emergencies. But from various sources of data, memories can be created.
  • Perception of time: Kids are not conscious of their growth and age, so they rely on us to provide them an accurate perception of how they grow. Which is why these celebrations are important.
  • Enhancement of confidence: Being the center of attraction boosts the confidence of every child, gives them a sense of achievement, makes them feel like they are in charge. By celebrating them, they feel loved and important thereby strengthening the bond in the family.


Where to have a birthday party for a three year old 

You will need to have mapped out a place to have your party before sending out invites to people, and since it is a three year old who can’t really place his feet well on the ground, you would want to consider a nice and safe place that is also easy to chaperone. You will also need to consider the weather and the theme of your party. Is it a costume party or a dinosaur party? How many guests do you want to invite? Would you like the parents to be present with their children? Will you accept gifts or not? Those are part of the stuff to consider. Then comes the the location.

Finding a very nice place to celebrate your birthday party is no easy task. There are a whole lot of things to put into consideration such as the season, weather, restrictions, length and size of your guest list, most especially  – your budget.

So, how do you choose a great place or venue for your birthday party?

First, find out your child’s favorite activity which suits certain locations. Then, cross out the ones that do not resonate with your safety and budget. You can then order your priorities rearrange the list and pick one. 

And if that still doesn’t solve the puzzle, below is a list of places you can pick:

  • Recreation room: For example, an indoor jungle gym. With this, you do not have to worry about safety. It’s the safest place for kids to be. Besides, you can have it at your home too.
  • Public park: There’s plenty of room for picnics, fun games and activities for kids at the park. However, you might need to plan ahead and make a reservation due to the policy of some parks.
  • Bowling alley: This can be super fun for kids no matter their interests, plus there are drinks and food.

Six ideas for celebrating a three year old’s birthday party

1. Have a paint party

Every toddler loves to get messy because they do not understand what the words tidy and neat mean. Besides, they don’t get that it is the adults that suffer the end result of their messiness. But isn’t that what is adorable and cute about them? 

For your paint party, get a lot of non-toxic paints, construction papers and canvasses. Every kid would have something to take home after the party once the artwork is dried. That is a huge memory created.

2. Have a bubble party

Bubble parties are extremely funny and cute. You just need to have enough non-toxic bubble makers for everyone.

3. Have a food party

There are several foods that you can offer, including puppy chow, cookies, cakes, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, tater tots, fruit salad, pizza and so on. The blissful part of it is that you won’t have to watch after the kids alone, you would have excess chaperones because their parents would definitely be available. It is a food party!

4. Go old school

Have you ever heard of games like what time is it, mr. fox, freeze dance, pass the parcel, balloon burst, bobbing for apples, and so on? The list is endless. These games help kids to have a fun time where they can be innocently competitive with a tiny of ingenuity.

5. Have a treasure hunt 

Do you know how excited kids will be when you tell them that they will get to take whatever they find a home? Not only would they be excited, but they will also be pumped to do the task, and get competitive even. Who doesn’t like a nice toy?

Don’t know how to organize a treasure hunt amongst kids? It’s simple.

Keep lots of toys hidden in certain areas where it would be easy for them to find. Tell them to go after the toys. Whoever finds it first, gets to hold it and leave the group while others search for their own treasure.

6. Play dress up

Most toddlers love to dress up. The fun part is where they get it wrong cutely. You will be needing tons of clothes and costumes handy. 

A photo booth will be essential in this case as there will be a need to take several photos to document their silliness for the period when they will be able to grasp and retain the event.

You don’t have to be big on birthdays, you just have to make it worthwhile in any way you can. A little show of love is all that matters the most. 

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