What’s Important About Their First Year Birthday

A birthdays can be celebrated in both a grand form or a small way.

It should be acknowledged as a day to be alive in good health and form to see the brightness of another year pass.  

A birthday party one a one year old may seem like a waste of time, energy and money, but you will be putting smiles on the faces of virtually everyone present, and most important, your child.

What better way to make your child happy on his or her special day?

Why you should celebrate it 

The celebration of birthdays could be regarded as a normal event but that of a one year old is a milestone. You can’t overlook it or even forget it.

It will be on your mind from the moment the child is conceived. Because there might be several surprises in stock for you.

Maybe the child will say his or her first word, take a first step, or trip on the cake even. For all of this, you would be waiting to document it either in pictures or videos for when they are old enough to grasp the effect of their actions and how funny they are.

According to Timothy Malcolm, the first birthday party is not about the baby. It is about about the family that surrounds them, that helped the baby grow happy and healthy.

If you are asked to tell how you felt about your first year’s birthday, what exactly could you possibly remember? What will you say? That you remembered being hugged, and even the faces of everyone present? I don’t think so. Because who could have possibly stored and registered everything that happened during their first birthday celebration?

Along the line of bringing up your child, a lot would have happened. You would have passed through a lot of difficulties and moments where you wouldn’t know what to do – frustration at not getting it right, especially if it is your first child. There probably would have been a lot of calls to your neighbors and friends who have had experiences in child upbringing for support or tips. All of these would have made anyone go nuts.

But you did it! And for that reason you are celebrating a whole year of changing diapers, a year of muttering incomprehensible words for the sake of the baby’s entertainment, a year of not mistakenly dropping your baby on the hard concrete floor, a year sticking to your baby like oxygen, a year of not messing it up.

That is what you’re celebrating.

And for the visitors, they’re celebrating their presence in the child’s life as well. Because they have also played a vital role in the child’s life.

Although you might feel like there’s no point to the celebration, because what exactly is the baby going to remember? But seeing him/her giggle at the presence of everyone, watching him/her take a bite of her first cake or sitting there struggling to open presents would nearly move you to tears. You will be so glad you didn’t bypass the opportunity to celebrate this bounteous joyful life you have created.

Children are born with a capacity to lear and retain information, but their experiences as early as their first year lay a foundation for how well these and other executive function skills develop. Children aren’t born with these skills but with the potential to develop them.

What is one of the vital reasons you need to celebrate your child’s first birth anniversary? Because this executive function skill that would, later on, be developed is the mental process will validate the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks and leadership exercises. The social relationship they have with you and every other person in their life is going to justify their self-importance. These events come to give a sense of self-esteem to the kid as they develop. 

In the moment of the celebration, they will feel loved and have a connection established with the parents and guests. Majorly, timidity won’t be a thing in the future as they grow. Social interaction will become easier because they have been having that nearly every year as they celebrate their birthdays or attend several other birthdays. Because it is in these moments that we get to focus on just one child – the celebrant. channeling our attention, care and love on him/her will be the sole purpose of the day, thereby instilling courage and a high level of self-importance in the child.

How to plan a birthday party for a one year old

The main thing that plagues the mind of every parent is how to plan the birthday of their one-year-old child, putting into consideration the day, weather, atmosphere, location, safety, guest list and how to steer their child out of trouble. 

Trust us, once the day is over, you would wonder what the fuss was all about in the first place.

Nevertheless, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Location: There are actually certain places that aren’t friendly and safe for kids and won’t suit your birthday party. Places like a waterlogged area, a stony ground surface area, a block of uneven concrete, or a place with thorny plants are out of consideration. Still, there are several ways to celebrate this birthday without stress. Do you have a lawn? If so, you can make your lawn a spot for the party. Are you renting a room? Great, make sure it is free of all sharp and harmful objects. Are you hosting an indoor party? You’ll need parental supervision, because you can’t completely rid your house of all harmful objects. You just need to be alert. You can go to a restaurant if it is just going to be a gathering of family and friends, or preferably a park.
  • Games: Build a ball pit, in this case, a mini-sized pit, set up a bubble station, or place dolls around, and cushions.
  • Guest list:  You might want to take note of the party guests who are also parents bringing their kids to celebrate. Since you’re providing an atmosphere for both parents and children, you will have to be considerate of both.
  • Decoration: All you need are balloons, toys, cardboard, colored pencils and space to have a colorful environment for your event.
  • Food: The cake is the most traditional item on the list of foods to be available on that day. It’s always decorated and covered with candles signifying the age of the celebrant while the celebrant is asked to make a wish silently and blow out the candle. Traditionally, especially in the western region, the celebrant is given the first piece of the cake. But asides from the cake, there are several food items to include like pizza for the adults and kids who can eat already, drinks (un-spiked), and any other fruity, crunchy and yummy foods that you can include.

Ideas to make the best birthday party for your one year old

If you’re not a party person, planning one can possibly give you chills and strain your muscles. But these things are not all that hard, so breathe. We’re here to help. 

In Western cultures, particularly in America, birthdays are always colorful and bright. They always come along with balloons and streamers with the beautiful song “Happy birthday to you” that accompanies the birthday cake with lit candles to the table. But for a one-year-old baby, how best can you celebrate without burning the whole house down, or your bank account?

Create a photo booth 

The best moments can be captured on camera for the sake of posterity and remembrance. You can create a photo booth for pictures to be taken. It will come in handy when the child grows older and you need to take them back to a time they can’t remember again. Get a colorful wallpaper or cloth with paper lanterns and balloons to serve as a background with several props like hats, dolls, glasses and paper objects, and put them together in a basket. Get the kids to dress up as funny characters while they giggle at each other. These memories will be remembered and be passed on if photographed. And there will be much happy laughter after.

Build a ball pit 

The ball pit should be small because we are dealing with kids that are still finding it difficult to understand they’re not to enter the pit. Find tiny colorful balls to fill up the pit while they play with it. It can also serve as a photo-op.

Make funny party hats

Party hats are also beautiful when designed. You can choose to design them with drawings of animals, cakes, or quotes.

Play dress up 

What is more beautiful than seeing little babies dressed up in a funny way? A few fake mustaches, oversized clothes, and little wigs will do the trick. Any western traditional attire will be more suitable to look more beautiful.

Build a gym 

A little bouncing castle excites kids to bounce around, mostly toppling over each and giggling with high energy and excitement.

Make a bubble station 

Every one year old loves bubbles because they are attractive and fun. As a parent, you’ll find them inexpensive and easy to make. You can even make your wands to go with it.

However, you might want to make really little noise about your kid and decide to make a small gathering with your parlor as the event center. You can easily select one of those options above, especially the photo booth. 

Remember, the party is not just for the kid, but you the parents, families and friends who supported and contributed to the growth and well-being of the kid. It’s a party to celebrate your effort and communion, to celebrate the essence of life.

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